Create Your Own Fairy Tale This Summer

Ark Foods’ Fairy Tale Eggplant Reaches Peak Production This July

IMMOKALEE, FL — Step into a world where vegetables enchant, captivate, and delight as Ark Foods proudly highlights its Fairy Tale Eggplant this summer. Known for its petite size and striking purple stripes, this vibrant variety will reach peak production in July, offering retailers, distributors, and home cooks the perfect opportunity to embrace its magic.

“July is the perfect time to showcase Fairy Tale Eggplants. As we approach peak production, retailers have a great opportunity to showcase these eggplants. They’re easy to prepare with just olive oil and salt, with a milder avor than that of larger eggplants,” shared Noah Robbins, Founder and CEO of Ark Foods. Fairy Tale Eggplants have fewer seeds and more delicate skin, allowing them to cook more quickly.”

This summer, Ark Foods encourages retailers to “create their own fairy tale” by showcasing the unique qualities of the Fairy Tale Eggplant through creative merchandising strategies. Here are some low-lift ideas:

●  Cross-Department Promotions: Position the Fairy Tale Eggplant near complementary products such as grilling supplies, sauces, or the meat and seafood departments.

●  Educational Signage: Use informative signs to highlight the ease and avor prole of the Fairy Tale Eggplant, along with recipe inspiration.

●  Prime Placement: Place the Fairy Tale Eggplant on grill sets in centrally-located areas of the produce department to spark interest and encourage impulse buys.

With children out of school and families gathering around the grill, Fairy Tale Eggplants are the perfect ingredient to infuse fun and magic into summer meals. According to new shopper survey insights from Acosta Group, one in ve consumers plan on grilling more this summer, including half of Gen Z and a quarter of millennials and Gen X. This trend towards grilling presents a prime opportunity to introduce the Fairy Tale Eggplant to new and adventurous palates.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Fairy Tale Eggplant also offers numerous health benets. It is low in calories, high in ber, and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. By promoting the nutritional value of the Fairy Tale Eggplant, retailers can attract health-conscious consumers looking for nutritious and delicious food options.

“We believe in the magic of vegetables, and our mission is to bring unconventional but approachable produce to market. The Fairy Tale Eggplant is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation,” shared Noah Robbins. “The eggplant category has been relatively at for years regarding dollar sales and velocity. Introducing the Fairy Tale Eggplant is key to reenergizing this category and driving growth in stores. Its charming, personalized appearance makes it a standout choice that can boost interest and sales in the eggplant segment.”

Ark Foods encourages everyone to see what this amazing purple vegetable can do. For more information on the Fairy Tale Eggplant, contact the team at or visit the website at

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