Crop Update: Winter Strawberry Supply Peaking Early 2021

WATSONVILLE, CA – California Giant Berry Farms strawberry growers are looking forward to the start of the year with volumes ramping up in California, Mexico, and Florida.

In Oxnard, California growers are optimistic about their 2020/2021 season which has just begun. Quality, shape and sheen of the strawberries is exceptional. “The new crop looks very promising as far as overall quality and volume,” shared Steve Yamamoto, a Fieldsman for California Giant in Oxnard. He adds “We are picking the San Andreas variety and will soon be adding the Frontera variety into the pick rotation,” indicating the volume increase to come pending any unforeseeable weather events.

After a season of fluctuating weather in Mexico, growers are now seeing consistent weather patterns favorable to strawberries. Growers report that the plants are starting to push out fruit and will continue for the next several weeks. The season is expected to be steady and strong through April.

Strawberry fields in Florida are looking good despite recent cold fronts that hit the state. The quality has improved with the cooler temperatures, slowing the ripening of the fruit, but has not affected projected volumes. With increased acreage of both conventional and organic fields, Florida strawberry growers expect to have a strong season.

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