Culinary Specialty Produce Now Shipping Paw Paws

Paw Paws are now in season and Culinary Specialty Produce will start shipping next week. “We are focusing on the land race varieties as we believe they have much better flavor,” said Richard Leibowitz, President of Culinary Specialty Produce.  “These are the original native trees where fruit was picked by members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. These fruits are one of the only subtropical annona varieties native to North America.”  Paw Paws have grown in popularity over the past decade.  Many hybrids will begin to appear throughout the country in the years to come but the original variety, once grown throughout the Ohio Valley and replaced with tobacco, are available now for shipping.

“It is a very brief season,” commented Mark Pittenger, Vice-President of sales for Culinary, “but once you taste the fruit you will quickly understand why it has value in the fresh produce arena.”  The Paw Paw develops different flavors as it ripens. When this soft grenade shaped green fruit is firm the flavors are that of banana and coconut.  As it ripens, flavors of mango, melon, become present.  When the flesh turns brown and the sugars peak there is little difference between a Paw Paw and Crème Brulee.

Paw Paws will be available for the next four to 6 weeks with current shipping point in Michigan and Ohio. Commercial air freight, overnight carrier service, and FOB loading are available. For shipping, pricing, availability and recipe information please contact Have a taste of the future history of America.

Source: Culinary Specialty Produce