Cutting-Edge Greenhouse Opens Doors in Colorado

SILT, CO.  — Spring Born, a 3.5-acre indoor hydroponic farm, is breaking ground in the CEA industry. The company is one of the first leafy green greenhouses in Colorado to undergo USDA Organic Certification. Spring Born products will be available for retail distribution starting August 2021.

“Spring Born combines innovative technologies and hardworking individuals that, when put together, provide fresh, healthy, quality greens better than anyone on the market,” says Charles Barr, president. “We care about the state of our environment and building sustainable practices that leave a lasting impact on our local community. Our company looks forward to supporting the community with nourishment but also economically with jobs and added business.”

Their advanced technology supports an efficient and sustainable environment for the greens and the local community. All products are grown and packed hands-free, pesticide-free, and use significantly less land and water than farm fields. The indoor farm grows, packs and distributes products directly from the greenhouse to support a long shelf life of 14 days at retail.

“Our greens are grown in a protected environment, not susceptible to the risk of harsh natural elements,” Barr stated. “Spring Born promises unique varieties with consistent quality and supply year-round.”

With consumer preferences in mind, Spring Born currently offers four unique varieties available in standard retail and club-pack sizes. Spring Born will open its doors for tours and variety testing in July 2021. Please contact or learn more at

About Spring Born, Inc.

Spring Born hydroponically grows fresh, healthy, quality leafy greens and salad blends in Silt, Colorado. Our indoor climate-controlled production is known for its commitment and sustainable practices that impact our local and surrounding communities. Locally grown and distributed, Spring Born greens are available to customers year-round. Spring Born combines innovative technologies with hardworking, dedicated individuals to cultivate a better eating experience for consumers.