Dan Barber’s Red 7 Bets on Grocery Stores to Bring Better Vegetables to the Masses

“You know, we’re not talking about lobster or foie gras,” said Chef Dan Barber one afternoon in December. As staff members streamed in and out of Blue Hill at Stone Barns’ dining room preparing for evening dinner service, Barber sang the praises of the flavor-packed vegetables released by his two-year-old company, Row 7: the squat koginut squash, deep purple Beauregarde snow pea, and no-heat habanada pepper.

His hope, he added, is to get these foods “out of this white tablecloth cathedral and into the hands of the everyday shopper.”

Founded with plant breeder Michael Mazourek and seed farmer Matthew Goldfarb, Row 7’s mission is to disrupt seed monopolies and breed delicious, healthy plants that more people want to eat. And they’re on the path to doing just that.

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