D’Arrigo California is Engaging Millennials While Strengthening Brand Loyalty with GIFs

Salinas, CA: Getting connected with millennials to engage and build brand awareness using animated pictures continues to gain momentum. Sometimes it’s easier to create a fun Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) picture that builds emotional and visual connections with consumers versus content. Since research shows GIF’s can do a better job of educating and connecting with targeted audiences better than words on social media D’Arrigo California is capitalizing on this concept by launching 6 new Andy Boy GIF stickers.


1. Andy Boy Broccoli Rabe 1

2. Andy Boy Broccoli Rabe 2

3. Andy Boy Broccoli Rabe 3

4. Andy Boy Fennel

5. Andy Boy Romaine Hearts

6. Andy Boy – D’Arrigo California Logo

The new unique GIF’s tie our Andy Boy brand to our specialty items to educate and bring awareness to the commodities we harvest year round, states Claudia Pizarro-Villalobos, Marketing and Culinary Director. GIF’s allow us to add pizazz to social media stories, boost engagement, connect emotionally and build a loyal following within our consumer base. GIF’s are the picture perfect medium to provide an educational glance and reinforce the connection between our brand identity and our specialty items (broccoli rabe, fennel and romaine hearts). Many times, consumers are not aware that D’Arrigo California is the grower, packer and shipper behind the Andy Boy label so GIF’s allow us to make that critical connection.

Offering branded GIF stickers for consumers to share on social media is effectively driving brand loyalty and awareness organically. GIF’s uniquely blend emotions, pop culture references, and memes. Millennials like using GIF’s because they convey emotions and reactions that are harder to describe with words. D’Arrigo California is staying relevant to the forever changing social media landscape and will continue to build upon the fast growing marketing tools to stay connected, fresh and relevant to consumers.