Dole Challenges Americans With Largest Prepackaged Salad Launch Ever

MONTEREY, Calif. (Oct. 2, 2009) As part of its ongoing mission to get Americans eating salad again, and facing new evidence showing that Americans are less interested in salads at a time when the latest health research suggests they need them the most, Dole Fresh Vegetables, a division of Dole Food Company, Inc., has relaunched its line of bagged salads specifically designed to reignite the countrys love affair and consumption of fresh, prepackaged salads.

In a bold move that only the worlds largest provider of fresh fruits and vegetables could make, todays relaunch of DOLE Salads seeks to accomplish nothing less than reinvent the way America buys and eats salad. The new line hits supermarkets in November 2009 with 32 separate blends and 9 salad kits, representing the most ambitious product launch in the history of Dole Fresh Vegetables and the prepackaged salad category, and one of the largest ever for Dole Food Company.

A series of industry firsts characterizes the expanded bagged salad line: the most variety (32 blends and 9 kits); the first on-pack taste and texture scales; the first pairs well with inspiration panel suggesting salad dressings, fruits, vegetables and other fresh ingredients specific to that blend; and the first pinch-and-pull, Easy-Open bag.
A unique Dole salad recipe graces each bag, and customers are referred to to access the robust library of nutritional information, recipes and serving suggestions of the Dole Nutrition Institute.

The relaunch of DOLE Salads is part of a larger commitment by Dole and the Dole Nutrition Institute to increase the nutritional health of Americans and work to reverse a number of negative health trends among them the growth of poor diet and inactivity as the leading cause of preventable death. Concurrent with these trends, researchers at Dole and elsewhere are rapidly discovering new compounds in fruits and vegetables that have the potential to prevent disease and extend life.

Our goal is nothing short of reinventing prepackaged salads by making them more engaging and easier to use as the foundation for a meal, explained Ronda Reed, vice president of marketing for Dole Fresh Vegetables. As the leader in fresh fruits and vegetables, Dole is out to give the public inspiring new reasons to choose salads over other meal choices and experiment with bagged salads in the kitchen. Our on-pack taste and texture scales and pairs well with feature in particular seek to reverse consumer reluctance to expand their salad horizons by trying new blends.

Were out to make salad fun and exciting again at the very time when Americans need the health benefits of fresh vegetables and salads more than ever before, she added.
Doles new line of farm-fresh salads is being introduced to the trade and consumer public with the most comprehensive multimedia marketing launch ever for a new salad line. Set to break in November 2009, the campaign will be highlighted by the DOLE Salad Guide, the categorys first salad spokesperson dedicated to inspiring consumers to expand their inkitchen salad creativity, and encompass national TV, print, outdoor, in-store, digital/online, social media and PR elements.

Source: Sung Chi, Dole Food Company Inc.