Driscoll’s Sends Rosé Lovers into the Produce Aisle This Summer

WATSONVILLE, Calif. — Driscoll’s is proving that there is more than one way to enjoy rosé season this summer. Beginning today, consumers will discover two new high-flavor berry offerings from the leading brand of fresh, delicious berries.

This curated collection, now available for a limited time, features Rosé Berries™, beautiful blush colored strawberries and raspberries bred for their unique color and aromatic flavor, and Sweetest Batch™, strawberries and raspberries each grown from one proprietary variety and selected for their extra sweet flavor profile.

Driscoll’s is one of the few berry companies with a dedicated research and development department focused on breeding high-flavor proprietary berries exclusively for its network of independent growers. This limited-edition collection of berries marks the first in a series of offerings designed to give consumers an indulgent new way to experience Only the Finest Berries™.

“Introducing an immersive berry eating experience with both Rosé Berries and Sweetest Batch is a testament to our thoughtful and dedicated breeding process,” says Rick Harrison, vice president of global variety development. “We don’t compromise when it comes to excellence.”

Nicknamed Driscoll’s Joy Makers, a team of agronomists, breeders, sensory analysts, plant health scientists and entomologists research and develop proprietary varieties, including these new limited-edition offerings, through traditional breeding methods – no GMOs. Each propriety variety takes years to perfect but promises to bring even more joy to the experience of biting into a berry.  

“Driscoll’s brand promise is to consistently delight consumers with the freshest, most delicious berries, and the release of Rosé Berries and Sweetest Batch does just that,” says Fran Dillard, senior director, brand and product marketing at Driscoll’s. “It’s taken a long time to perfect these offerings – not only for the trend-forward color and desirable texture but for the superior taste.”

Driscoll’s Rosé Berries™

Available in both strawberry and raspberry varieties, Rosé Berries get their beautiful light-pink hue from the non-GMO breeding methods used by Driscoll’s Joy Makers. Rosé Strawberries have a smooth, silky, creamy texture that delivers a sweet, peachy flavor paired with a soft floral finish. 

Rosé Raspberries get their sunset coloring from their parents, the golden and red raspberries. As with the Rosé Strawberry, the flavor profile promises a sweet taste sensation.  

Driscoll’s Sweetest Batch™

For berry lovers looking for an even richer eating experience, Driscoll’s has unveiled Sweetest Batch, a collection of high-flavor strawberries and raspberries that inspires delicious and memorable moments of delightful indulgence, whether at a picnic in the park or in the kitchen around the family table.

“With Rosé Berries and Sweetest Batch, we’ve introduced a premium new product that offers a depth of flavor variety remarkably different than anything else in the category,” says Naomi Sakoda, Driscoll’s product marketing manager. “Our team has worked tirelessly to offer the flavor-forward, highly enjoyable berries consumers have come to expect from Driscoll’s.”

Where to Shop

Driscoll’s limited edition growing season is extremely short due to the special attention and nurturing required to ensure the superior quality of the berries. Visit www.driscolls.com/limitededition to locate participating retailers throughout the summer. 

About Driscoll’s

Driscoll’s is the global market leader of fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. With more than 100 years of farming heritage and hundreds of independent growers around the world, Driscoll’s is passionate about growing great tasting berries. Driscoll’s exclusive patented berry varieties are developed through years of research using only traditional breeding methods. Driscoll’s is the trusted brand for Only the Finest Berries™.