Eat Smart Unveils New Logo and Packaging Design

SANTA MARIA, CA  — Eat Smart believes that the food you should eat can also be the food you want to eat. Vegetables are healthy, but are they always exciting? Eat Smart leverages that knowledge of the world of vegetables to bring excitement back to them through smart superfood solutions, thoughtfully paired with other delicious ingredients delivered to you in smart convenient packs – ensuring the nutritious meals people serve are the meals they will crave!

The new Eat Smart brand identity underscores the company’s passion for bringing fresh foods and exciting flavors to the table for consumers and their families to enjoy year-round. Updates to Eat Smart’s existing logo were made via highlighting the leaf element and simplifying the brand name, to create a bold and appealing presence for the brand’s innovative line of products. This new direction acknowledges Eat Smart’s past and lays the foundation for an integrated brand identity system that is intelligent, flexible, bright, fun and engaging. Eat Smart’s new identity has already tested extremely well with consumers, both in US and CAN, projecting a significant uplift in velocities from the shelf.

The new brand identity makes it easier than ever to shop Eat Smart with a smart visual language that helps consumers find products that meet their needs:

Superfood Selections™ are nutrient dense for consumers who are mindful of making healthy eating choices. Full of nutrients and superior flavor, these great-tasting salads are made from the healthiest, most nutrient-dense stuff on earth. 100% clean, fresh, and amazing flavors. 0% artificial dyes, preservatives, and sweeteners.

  • Taste all the flavors: Sweet Kale, Asian Sesame, Honey Dijon Kale, Strawberry Harvest, and Wild Greens & Quinoa.

Eat Smart’s taste collections focus on exceptional flavor and unique pairings for the consumer who wants vegetables and salads to taste extraordinary.

  • The Vineyard Collection™ are inspired pairings of simply delicious ingredients. These wine-country inspired salads are bursting with remarkable flavors—hints of berry, citrus, and herbs balanced with fresh greens, and savory toppings. All featuring artisan vinaigrettes from O Olive Oil & Vinegar®.
    • Try them all: Orange Vinaigrette & Bleu, Strawberry Vinaigrette & Feta, Lemon Vinaigrette & Parmesan, and Balsamic Vinaigrette & Feta.
  • Topping lovers can now rejoice! The Chopped Collection™ salads are made with bite-sized ingredients that have been chopped or crisped for amazing taste and texture in every delicious bite!
    • Enjoy these delicious combos: Avocado Cheddar Ranch, Sesame Almond Crunch, Mediterranean Crunch, Apple Gouda, Bistro Bacon, and Southwest.

About Curation Foods: 

Curation Foods is focused on innovating delicious, plant-based foods with 100% clean ingredients and increasing access of plant-based foods to as many people as possible. Curation Foods is able to maximize product freshness through its geographically dispersed family of growers, refrigerated supply chain and patented BreatheWay® packaging technology to ensure products reach consumers throughout North America in the freshest possible state. Curation Foods natural foods brands include Eat Smart® fresh packaged vegetables and salads, O Olive Oils & Vinegars®, Now Planting® pure-plant meal solutions, and Yucatan® and Cabo Fresh® avocado products. For more information about Curation Foods visit