Embrace the New Normal: Fill Half Your Plate With Fruit and Vegetables

Eosta, working with supermarkets around Europe, introduces a new practical tool to help consumers boost their health and immune system with food: the VitaPlate. VitaPlate shows you at a single glance whether your plate and shopping trolley are filled with food that is good for you. Half of it consists of fruit and vegetables. VitaPlate is a new tool in the Dr. Goodfood campaign, which helps supermarkets nudge their customers in a healthy direction.

Dietician and author Steffi Haazen created the VitaPlate concept. VitaPlate looks a bit like the English “Eatwell Plate”, but was designed to be more practical. Also, its has more fruits, vegetables and legumes. Steffi explains why: “Fruits and vegetables are super healthy for your digestive system and immune system, which is undisputed scientifically. If you take a glance at VitaPlate and then at your own plate or shopping basket, you know right away if you’re on the right track.”

Volkert Engelsman, CEO of Eosta: “VitaPlate is the new normal. Corona has made us more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and preserving biodiversity. Viruses like Corona are caused by the systematic degradation of biodiversity. The VitaPlate offers an antidote: it’s organic, diverse and mostly vegetarian. If you follow that, you will support your own health and the health of the planet. There are good reasons why 2021 was declared the UN International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.”

Eosta has launched the VitaPlate in the Netherlands first, in close cooperation with organic supermarket chain Ekoplaza. Talks are now going on with costumers throughout Europe and new interested parties are invited to contact Eosta. More information about VitaPlate can be found on the website www.drgoodfood.org. In addition to recipes and practical lifestyle tips the website also offers scientific background.

Eosta, with Nature & More as its consumer brand, is Europe’s leading distributor of organic fruit and vegetables, based in the Netherlands. Eosta is known for sustainability campaigns such as Dr. Goodfood, The True Cost of Food and Natural Branding. In 2018 Eosta won the royal Dutch award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (“KWI prijs”) and in 2019 a European Business Award for the Environment.