Ethylene Control Inc. has Brand-New VOC Oxidizing Products

Dave Biswell President of Ethylene Control Inc. is proud to announce the addition of three new StayFreshTM products to the company’s lineup for produce, floral, cannabis and hemp protection.

StayFreshTM products extend our capabilities to improve the quality of stored, shipped and processed fruits and vegetables says Biswell.

StayFreshTM products provide powerful oxidizing solutions that add reach to our systems.   These products work to absorb and destroy VOC compounds while at the same time-release low levels of chlorine dioxide.   Chlorine dioxide, is a well-known oxidizing agent that rapidly diffuses into air where it efficiently oxidizes odors and destroys organic matter in bio-aerosols or on wetted surfaces.   Using StayFreshTM products keeps air and surfaces clean and a cleaner environment means reduced product losses and improved quality for our customers.   StayFreshTM products uniquely offer controlled release strategies providing maximum flexibility and solutions for today’s growers and packers.

Biswell says the new lineup includes patented StayFreshTM BigBagTM.   A product designed to work with our Super Fresh media systems increasing the potency of our widespread spoilage organism applications, ethylene gas and odors destruction throughout cold storage rooms, sea containers, walk-ins and refer vans.   The lineup also includes the StayFreshTM HVAC/Coil MAINTENACE and WIPEOUT Shock treatment for HVAC/Coils.