Ethylene Control Introduces EC-3+ Clean Air Machine

Recent study by QMS Agri Science in South Africa demonstrated that the EC-3+ clean air machine not only removed 95% of airborne ethylene it also had similar effects on bacteria and mold levels. It showed significantly greater effectiveness than Ozone generators at a greatly reduced cost. Also it does not offer some of the adverse consequences of increased ozone levels. With the increased environmental coconsciousness increased ozone levels are not necessarily beneficial.

The clean air machine was very effective in reducing air-borne fungi, especially Rhizopus, a serious post-harvest tomato pathogen in a tomato cold storage room. The hardier Penicillium, a post-harvest pathogen group on many crops, was also eliminated. As expected, the effect on fungi on surfaces is not as drastic, but encouraging is the lack of Rhizopus on all the swabbed surfaces after treatment. Trichoderma, a sign of soil contamination, was isolated from surfaces where dust can accumulate.

The EC-3+ is not only a unique ethylene removal machine it is also very effective at removal of airborne contaminants such as bacteria, molds, rots and noxious odors. The patented Power Pellets are OMRI listed for use with organic produce.

The EC-3+ is indeed a unique “clean air machine”. The unique power pellets used in our machine have been used for over 30 years to remove airborne contaminants in sewage treatment plants, oil refineries, airports and other industrial facilities. It is a proven technology.

The EC-3+ continuously recycles the air in a room maintaining a constant activity for removal of ethylene, bacteria, molds, rots and odorous contaminants. The clean air machines completely recycles and cleans a 100,000 cubic foot room every 3 ½ hours. Recently passed legislation gives the FDA increased regulatory authority over agricultural produce storage and processing facilities. Ethylene Control’s EC-3+ will add an adjunct to improve “clean air” by removing airborne contaminants and ethylene gas. Providing consumers with quality produce and floral products while reducing shrink and increasing profits.

For more information on the EC-3+ and a complete copy of this study contact Norma Harris or Dave Biswell at [email protected] or 559-896-1909 Ethylene Control Inc,. Selma, CA.

Source: Ethylene Control Inc.