Ever Tru Farms, Hydroponic Strawberry Producer, Ships First Harvest

Kingsville, ON — Ever Tru Farms, an Ontario-based greenhouse grower of strawberries 365 days a year, announced its first shipment of strawberries to select stores in the United States and Canada. Ever Tru is unique in its approach due to the company’s vertical integration and hydroponic growing process. 

“Shipments to the North American Market hit stores in March.” Paul J. Mastronardi, Director of Sales for Ever Tru Farms, states, “Initial feedback from retailers has been positive, and we look forward to providing consumers with strawberries that are Forever Delicious™.”

Ever Tru Farms has the entire operation under one team, allowing them complete control of the growing process from propagation to distribution. The Ever Tru team spent six years reconstructing and adapting the sustainable hydroponic growing process. As a result, the company has developed a growth strategy for strawberries, committed to quality, consistency, and transparency.  

“We want to improve the strawberry eating experience,” says Butch Demers, Vice President of Sales for Ever Tru Farms. “We believe that people deserve a sweet, delicious and juicy strawberry, every time.”

Ever Tru Farms’ strawberries are grown using an impressive hydroponics system in a controlled environment, using maximized biological control, and are non-GMO. LED supplemental lighting in the greenhouse allows for year-round production, producing 20,000 cases of strawberries a week. “By the fall, Ever Tru Farms will have an additional 600,000 square feet of hydroponic growing space, resulting in a production of 32,000 cases per week,” Mastronardi says, “our expansion plan will ensure that demand from consumers and our retail partnerships will be met.”

About Ever Tru Farms

Ever Tru Farms is a vertically integrated year-round supplier of premium quality strawberries with superior color and taste. As pioneers in the hydroponic produce industry in Ontario, Canada, Ever Tru Farms believes that they have refined a process that will allow them to provide consumers with more consistent and better-quality berries. Through reconstructing and adapting the sustainable hydroponic growing process, Ever Tru Farms has developed a growth strategy for strawberries that leads to a better, more consistent product. Ever Tru Farms believes customers should be entitled to Forever Delicious™ berries from a brand they can trust. For more information on Ever Tru Farms, please visit our website: https://evertrufarms.com/.