FirstFruits Marketing Announces the Start of Another Sweetie Season

Yakima, WA – FirstFruits Farms announces the eighth season of the apple that’s been marketed as “Gala’s sweeter, crunchier cousin”.

The Sweetie apple variety, originally developed in New Zealand, has some of the most attractive attributes from the Gala’s sugars combined with the firm and crisp texture of the Braeburn apple, making it a completely unique flavor all its own. 

“We’re excited about Sweetie because of the astonishing flavor,” says Chuck Zeutenhorst, President of FirstFruits Marketing,” even though our season is short, it is an extraordinary apple that consumers anticipate having every year.”

Sweetie’s natural sweet flavor combined with its firm texture makes it great for cooking or snacking making it a fall fan favorite among consumers.  On top of the amazing flavor profile, Sweetie is also a visually appealing apple with its blush red tone helping it stand out on the shelf. The launch of the Sweetie season will begin this week and will be in select retailers nationwide through October.


About FirstFruits Marketing

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