Fox Packaging to Appear at United Fresh 2020 Virtual Show

MCALLEN, Texas  Fox Packaging™, an industry leader in packaging innovation, will participate in the United Fresh 2020 Virtual Show with a booth in the FreshTEC Hall. 

“While we would love to be able to meet everyone in person this year, we are pleased that United Fresh is able to provide a platform for us to convene as an industry,” said Keith Fox, President of Fox Packaging. “We have a packed schedule and are looking forward to meeting everyone virtually and with the hope this leads to a much anticipated return to in-person meetings.”

Full Fox Packaging schedule at United Fresh falls below:

Monday: June 15

ASK US ANYTHING: A Conversation with Packaging Experts

Hosts: Aaron Fox, Raul Acevedo, Jacob Fox, and Victoria Lopez

●    Meet your Fox Packaging and Fox Solutions Team and learn more about how their expertise can impact your packaging program

●    Hear about sustainable approaches, inventory tips, automation capabilities, and how the Fox team works to keep you ahead and your product standing out on the shelf


Tuesday: June 16

Automation Solutions That Increase the Speed of Your Packaging Operations

Hosts: Aaron Fox, Jim Savigny

●    Has the question of automating your packaging line come up? Join your hosts as they introduce our equipment solutions and partner’s lines through pairings that support your production goals

●    Discuss aspects of automation which increase your competitive positioning

●    Review some of the factors involved when selecting an equipment partner


Wednesday: June 17

Build a Retailer Approved, Sustainable Packaging Program

Host: Victoria Lopez

●    Walk through sustainable packaging considerations when building out a program for store shelves

●    How does design, materials & carbon footprint, market cost & impression, food waste & shelf life, and recyclability influence your decision-making?

●    Discuss the influence that consumers have through rational considerations, shared values, and emotional responses


Thursday: June 18

Automatically Fresh Trends: Packaging Programs and Automation Pairings

Hosts: Craig Fox

●        The shift from traditional materials to flexible packaging in part of customer, retails, and technology trends

●        Consumers preference to convenience and wellness issues

●        Brand owners and retailers review of packaging to meet sustainability goals

●        Equipment that supports a successful program


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About Fox Packaging™

Fox Packaging is a family-owned and operated industry leader in developing and distributing unique flexible packaging solutions for fresh produce packers and shippers throughout North America and Latin America. Fox Packaging has spent the last five decades pioneering one-of-a-kind bag options that reduce product damage, showcase the natural beauty of the product and provide a beautiful foundation for branding and artwork.