FPAA Begins Quest For New Association President

NOGALES, Ariz. The Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) board of directors has organized a search committee to oversee the task of finding a candidate to fill the presidents position for the Association. The initial committee members are: Chris Ciruli of Ciruli Brothers and current FPAA chairman; Jaime Chamberlain of JC Distributing and current FPAA chairman-elect; Alejandro Canelos of Apache Produce Imports, LLC; Martin Ley of Del Campo Supreme; Matt Mandel of SunFed; Miky Suarez of MAS Melons and Grapes; and Kip Martin of Coogan & Martin, P.C.

The search committee is in the first steps of the hiring process, finalizing the job description and soliciting resumes from qualified candidates. The committee is also working with industry contacts to identify potential candidates. In tandem with the beginning of the search process, the FPAA is finalizing a strategic plan that will delineate the mission, vision, and goals of the organization and provide a more formalized roadmap for a new president.

We are lucky to have the staff that we have, says Chris Ciruli. As a board we have every confidence that they are continuing the goals of the FPAA while the board goes through the very important process of finding a new president.

Jaime Chamberlain adds, Our industry is complex and always changing. Our issues are international, involve many government agencies, and involve a supply chain that spreads across North America. We are a diverse group of companies that work very closely together under the auspices of the FPAA. This is an exciting time, and we look forward to finding the right candidate that wants to jump in, to help us take advantage of opportunities, and to meet the challenges we face.

Source: Fresh Produce Association of the Americas