FPAA Staff Positioned for Success

Nogales, AZ – In order to ensure growth in a changing environment, the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas is making strategic changes that tap into the full strength of its staff members. As a result, FPAA will be able to continue to respond quickly to developing situations at the border, while also maintaining focus on issues of national and strategic importance.

As part of the changes, Georgina Felix has been promoted to Director of Operations and Foreign Affairs. In addition to maintaining her outreach with Mexican associations and government agencies, Felix is taking a more day-to-day management role of the FPAA’s operations.

“As the FPAA evolves, Georgina has the mindset and skillset to help deliver on the goals of the Board of Directors,” said Lance Jungmeyer, President of the FPAA. “As a strong analyst and communicator, Georgina is well-suited to manage daily operations as well as to grow strategic relationships.”

Felix has been with the FPAA for over 14 years working on interinstitutional public relations with foreign and local governmental agencies and grower’s associations abroad. She also serves as a liaison between the FPAA and nationally recognized research institutions. Felix was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District No. 35 Foundation promoting top quality education in her community.

This follows a move earlier this year to promote Emmis Yubeta to Director of Membership & Events. Yubeta, who joined FPAA in 2015, has grown her profile and capabilities and serves on the Board of Directors of the Nogales Boys & Girls Club.

“This year, when the community struggled with COVID-19, Emmis showed leadership by helping organize food drives, COVID testing efforts and delivering banners to boost industry worker morale,” Jungmeyer said. “In her new role, she aims to broaden the reach of FPAA by expanding our membership, and member benefits, such as health initiatives we are planning in order to help the industry prepare for COVID next season.”

To complete the team, FPAA plans to hire a dynamic communications professional.  Meanwhile, the FPAA is positioned for success with other staff who continue to grow their leadership capabilities.

Jungmeyer will continue to develop overall strategic relationships, outreach and advocacy. This year, he was voted to be vice-chairman of the Border Trade Alliance and in 2019 he was named co-chair of the North American Trade Committee, a broad-based committee administered by the Canadian Produce Marketing Association.

Key to the FPAA’s advocacy and communications is 19-year FPAA veteran and Vice President Allison Moore, who also stays engaged with the local community as the recently elected President of the Nogales Toastmasters Club and as a Board Member of Nogales Community Development. 

Also staying active in the community is Accounting Director Conchita Singh, who serves on the board of the Hilltop Galleries, which brings cultural enrichment to the community.

About the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas:  

Founded in 1944, the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA) is a nonprofit trade association headquartered in Nogales, Arizona, that represents over 120 U.S. member companies involved in importing and marketing fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Mexico and distributed across North America and the world.