Fresh Alliance Launches Margaritaville Limes

CARMEL, CA – Tomato, bell pepper and cucumber grower/shipper Fresh Alliance announced their plans to launch a premium line of Persian limes packed under the Margaritaville™ brand. The Margaritaville™ offering, will launch in Mid-August, with the introduction of a one pound grab and go re-sealable bag. The 12×1# execution will be packed in a full color, display ready box.  

“The lime category is growing but underdeveloped,” says Bob Hartmann, Managing Partner with Fresh Alliance. “Our new grab and go Margaritaville™ lime bag brings something new and exciting to the category.  We start with premium quality fruit, we pack to order to insure freshness, and we are able to offer banner specific marketing programs through our partnership with Margaritaville™.” Margaritaville™ is a billion dollar brand with over 70% brand awareness.  “The Margaritaville™ brand resonates with consumers.  There’s an immediate association with tropical escape, fun, food, and drink.  And the brand loyalty is amazing.” 

 This product introduction has been a labor of love.  “We’ve been working on this concept for over a year.  Now that the launch is weeks away, we couldn’t be happier.  The grab and go bag looks great and will definitely stimulate impulse sales.  The bag also allows us to directly speak to consumers about usage ideas, which will encourage repeat purchases.” 

Initial feedback has been very positive.  It’s been great to finally get the product in front of retailers and see them get excited about the opportunity this item brings to the category.”  


Fresh Alliance is a California based grower/shipper of premium produce.  For more information please visit or call 618 307-7370. 

Source: Fresh Alliance