Fresh Del Monte Celebrates International Pineapple Day with Survey Findings, Launches North America-Based “You’re Welcome” Campaign

“You’re Welcome™” campaign honors Fresh Del Monte’s legacy as the top-selling pineapple company in the US and its role in revolutionizing pineapple consumption

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — In celebration of International Pineapple Day, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. (NYSE: FDP), a global leader in pineapple production, marketing, and distribution, proudly announces the release of a recent independent survey highlighting Americans’ love for pineapples alongside the launch of the North America-based “You’re Welcome™” campaign. The survey, conducted by Pollfish of 3,000 participants, reveals that pineapples are among America’s favorite fruits, surpassing apples, bananas, and oranges, with many participants citing their love for pineapples due to the fruit’s taste. However, nearly 60%1 of consumers either guess or do not know how to select a ripe pineapple at the store.

As one of the preeminent global leaders in pineapple production, Fresh Del Monte has played a key role in supporting the significant increase in pineapple consumption per person, which has more than doubled over the last 20 years2. This increase is largely due to the company’s ongoing initiatives to innovate and introduce pineapple varietals that satisfy consumers’ evolving taste preferences — starting with the first-of-its-kind Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple in 1996. Since then, the company has launched the pink-fleshed Pinkglow® pineapple, the Honeyglow® pineapple, the carbon-neutral certified Del Monte Zero™ pineapple, and the luxurious Rubyglow® pineapple. It is no surprise that a majority (58%) of people now enjoy pineapple multiple times a month, whereas the fruit was once considered a luxury or commonly used as décor.

Survey Highlights:

  • While 6 in 10 shoppers believe they know how to properly cut a pineapple, approximately 80% didn’t know the skin is edible and packed with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Almost 7 in 10 shoppers prefer eating pineapple in chunks, while just over 1 in 10 prefer spears.
  • Over half of Americans surveyed prefer to eat pineapple as a snack over any other mealtime.
  • 57% of respondents choose to eat pineapple because they love the taste.
  • 70% of respondents are aware of the potential benefits of pineapple for digestion.
  • Only 1 out of 4 individuals know it takes 18 months to grow a single pineapple.

How to Select and Store a Ripe Pineapple: Del Monte® pineapples are harvested at peak ripeness and are ready to enjoy immediately after purchase. Look for a golden-yellow color and a sweet, tropical aroma at the base to identify a ripe pineapple. If the smell is fermented or sour, the pineapple may be overripe.

A ripe, uncut pineapple can last 3-5 days at room temperature and 5-7 days in the refrigerator. If brown spots develop, cut the pineapple and store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for an additional 3-4 days. It’s fine to store pineapples near other produce, as they emit less ethylene gas and have durable skin.

To further celebrate International Pineapple Day, Fresh Del Monte is launching the North America-based “You’re Welcome™” campaign. This comprehensive marketing initiative celebrates the sweet goodness in pineapples while paying homage to the company’s legacy as the leading producer that revolutionized pineapple consumption – setting the gold standard in pineapple quality and innovation. Fresh Del Monte is the top-selling pineapple company in the United States.

“You’re Welcome” Campaign Highlights:

  • The campaign features engaging social media content and unique recipes showcasing the versatility and possibilities of pineapples.
  • A nationwide advertising program, including connected TV, outdoor, digital out-of-home, and social media.
  • Dedicated campaign content on Fresh Del Monte’s website from now through December, offering recipes, serving suggestions, and ways to engage with the brand.
  • Promotions on the brand’s Instagram and TikTok pages, offering pineapple-themed prizes, including a customized gift box from Melissa’s Produce containing a variety of Del Monte® pineapples.
  • To learn more about the “You’re Welcome™” campaign, visit

“The ‘You’re Welcome™’ campaign invites the public to experience the world of Fresh Del Monte and serves as a double entendre. On one hand, it acknowledges the pineapple as a historical symbol of hospitality, while on the other, it playfully credits Fresh Del Monte for revolutionizing pineapple consumption. This campaign reminds pineapple fans of the leadership and innovation that Fresh Del Monte has brought to the category since the 1990s,” said Melissa Mackay, Fresh Del Monte’s Vice President of Marketing, North America.

Fresh Del Monte is focused on innovation, whether it’s dreaming up new pineapple varieties or leading the charge for sustainable growing. As part of the company’s sustainable practices, it is actively working to reduce its emissions and food waste, and adopt regenerative agriculture and smart farming practices, among many others. Fresh Del Monte takes a holistic approach to sustainability, weaving it into every part of the value chain. The company is leading the way in conservation, sustainable agriculture, and innovation for A Brighter World Tomorrow®.

For more information, visit Follow Fresh Del Monte Produce on FacebookInstagram, and TikTok to learn more about the campaign and enter the promotional giveaways.


Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is one of the world’s leading vertically integrated producers, marketers, and distributors of high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, as well as a leading producer and distributor of prepared food in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. markets its products worldwide under the DEL MONTE® brand (under license from Del Monte Foods, Inc.), a symbol of product innovation, quality, freshness, and reliability for over 135 years. The company also markets its products under the MANN™ brand and other related trademarks. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is not affiliated with certain other Del Monte companies around the world, including Del Monte Foods, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Del Monte Pacific Limited, Del Monte Canada, or Del Monte Asia Pte. Ltd. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is the first global marketer of fruits and vegetables to commit to the “Science Based Targets” initiative. In 2022, 2023 and 2024, Fresh Del Monte Produce was ranked as one of “America’s Most Trusted Companies” by Newsweek based on an independent survey rating companies on three different touchpoints, including customer trust, investor trust, and employee trust. The company was also named a Humankind 100 Company for two consecutive years by Humankind Investments, which recognizes companies that substantially impact areas such as access to food and clean water, healthcare, and digital services. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is traded on the NYSE under the symbol FDP.

1Pollfish survey data, June 2024.
2U.S. per capita consumption of fresh pineapples 2000-2022,