Fresh Express Introduces Premium Slaw Salads

ORLANDO, Fla. — As the leader in retail packaged salads, Fresh Express® is introducing its Premium Slaw Salad Kits™ to bring leafy-green lovers delicious, chef-inspired, healthy mealtime options to enjoy with their families this summer.  

Fresh Express® continues to add unique, high quality options to summer dining with restaurant-style salads you love in three exciting flavors that bring the cool, crisp crunch of diner favorite slaws into the comfort of your home with ease. Developed by the Fresh Express Culinary team, taking cues from insights gathered from current restaurant menu trends, the new kits provide everything you need to create new twists to classic favorites with chef-crafted components the whole family will love.

“Consumers continue to look for new and delicious meal options that replicate chef-crafted dishes they enjoy when dining out, and we wanted to provide high quality, affordable salads that make it easy to recreate restaurant favorites families can enjoy at home,” shared Michael Golderman, Marketing Brand Leader for Fresh Express®. “Our chefs at the Fresh Express Innovations Kitchen carefully selected flavor combinations and unique ingredients to create three restaurant quality offerings that can serve as a side, a topping for burgers or sliders, or eaten on its own, making every meal special, exciting, yet deliciously easy and simple.” 

Asian Avocado Premium Slaw – Grab a fork and transport your senses to another world with the fresh flavors of red, green and Napa cabbage, mature kale and cauliflower stalks adorned with delightful textures and flavors from honey-roasted sesame chips, crunchy wonton strips, corn kernels, edamame and a handcrafted Asian Avocado dressing.

Honey Pecan Premium Slaw – Summer picnics are calling and this Honey Pecan Premium Slaw Salad Kit is the perfect answer. Let fresh red and green cabbage, peppery arugula, mature kale and cauliflower stalks along with creamy bleu cheese crumbles, raisins and candied praline pecans bask in the sweet, yet tangy honey mustard dressing. Grab a bag and be the hero of your next picnic.

Smoked BBQ Sriracha Premium Slaw – Crank up the heat with the tangy flavors of BBQ and Sriracha. Take your taste buds on an adventure with garden fresh red and green cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli stalks and carrots topped with crunchy red pepper crisps, and Sriracha chow mein noodles. Finished with a touch of smoked BBQ Sriracha dressing, this salad will leave you wanting more!

New Fresh Express® Premium Slaw Salad Kits are currently rolling out to retailers nationwide with suggested retail price of $3.99. For more information, visit

About Fresh Express®:
Fresh Express® is the brand leader in Value Added Salads and is dedicated to providing consumers with healthy, convenient ready-to-eat salads, leafy greens, vegetables and fruits. With the invention of its special Keep Crisp® bag in the 1980s, Fresh Express pioneered the retail packaged salad category and was the first to make them available to grocery stores nationwide. Today, Fresh Express fresh salads come in more than 150 different varieties offering exciting new flavors and convenient new ways to meet the daily dietary requirements for both conventional and organic fresh produce. More than 20 million consumers each week enjoy healthy, convenient ready-to-eat Fresh Express salads, spinach, vegetables and juicing greens. For more information, visit