Frieda’s 2022 Trend Forecasting – Forks Over Planes, The New Way to Explore

Los Alamitos, CA – This new year will, without a doubt, open up more doors (quite literally) as the world adjusts to the reality of COVID being a long-term reality. That said, food trends are more important than ever, as food is truly being used for comfort and as a way to explore the world. The tastemakers at Frieda’s—known since 1962 for creating and spotting trends—offer some interesting predictions for the New Year.

“Whether it’s more time for a leisurely breakfast while working from home, or embracing Korean culture, we are seeing people crave sensorial explorations and the desire to make every moment and bite count,” said Cindy Sherman, director of marketing, innovation and insights for Frieda’s Specialty Produce. “Consumers are seeking new experiences, starting with redefining their morning cup of joe, a rainbow of milk colors, and infusing health & wellness into every nook & cranny of their daily life.”

Frieda’s predicts these trends will make big waves this upcoming year:

Superhero Coffee

Move over coffee! Instead of “supersizing,” give yourself “superpower”. Try infusing dried mushrooms and fresh turmeric into coffee to inject extra nutritional benefits and energy into your standard cup of joe.

Korea Worldwide

From K-Pop to K-dramas to fashion, beauty, and food, Korean culture and flavors remind us that our global world is united. Explore Korea from your kitchen by creating Musaengchae (spicy radish salad) with daikon radish.

Breakfast at Leisure 

Working from home allows time to savor the first meal of the day. While your superhero coffee is brewing, cube Fire Dragons® dragon fruit into a smoothie bowl or put oomph into eggs with Stokes Purple sweet potatoes.

Bloom of the ‘Shroom 

Mushrooms are starring in food, functional drinks, and fashion. Designers are even making fungi into fabric, and the culinary/beverage worlds are eating up the umami flavors and health benefits by adding dried shiitake or porcinis into sipping broths. 

Milk Gets Tubular

Potatoes as milk? Yes! Low in sugar and saturated fat, this creamy liquid is ripe with possibilities. Make potato milk sweet by adding Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes and enjoy creamy, lavender deliciousness.

About Frieda’s Inc.

Frieda’s Specialty Produce has been inspiring new food experiences for friends, families and food lovers everywhere since 1962. From kiwifruit and dragon fruit to Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes and habanero peppers, Frieda’s has introduced more than 200 unique fruits and vegetables to the U.S. marketplace. Founded by produce industry trailblazer Dr. Frieda Rapoport Caplan, subject of the 2015 documentary “Fear No Fruit,” the family company is owned and operated by Frieda’s daughters, Karen Caplan and Jackie Caplan Wiggins, in Orange County, California. Find Frieda’s on Facebook@FriedasProduce and Inspire. Taste. Love.