Frieda’s Salutes Working Parents

Los Alamitos, CA –  Back to school is upon us. However, this year working parents in the produce industry find themselves pulling double duty to make way for online and homeschooling.

Frieda’s salutes these working parents who are giving their all. According to The Brookings Institution, roughly 70 percent of all parents in the U.S. have no caregiver for their children, meaning parents who normally rely on school programs and childcare will now be balancing the role of caregiver and working professional due to COVID-19.

Sonal Sanghvi, national account manager at Frieda’s—and mother of two—admits, “Being a dedicated mother of two and a full-time working professional is a lot at the moment. I am looking for shortcuts that will help us make it through the day and make online schooling feel more normal.”

Frieda’s suggests preparing meals ahead of time to help ease the mental energy of what’s for dinner. Things like Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese is an easy make-ahead meal that freezes well and can be eaten anytime. Or make a big batch of Stokes Purple Power Breakfast Bowl on Sunday morning and wake up to something warm and nutritious all week long.

Looking for a silver lining? Take a mid-day break and enjoy lunch as a family to reconnect. Or perhaps packing lunch for your remote-learning kids is a good way to make homeschool feel a little more like real school. Remember to add things like kumquats and sliced watermelon radishes to add some flavor and crunch.  

Know a working parent in the produce industry? Don’t hesitate to reach out and let them know that they’re doing a great job. And call your Frieda’s account manager today for ideas on how to make your produce department a destination for time-pressed parents.

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