Fruit World Unveils an Exciting California Grape Season

New Organic Varieties, Eco-Friendly Packaging, and Enhanced Consumer Engagement

Reedley, CA — Fruit World, the bold and creative fruit company dedicated to preserving family
farms and delivering the highest quality produce, is excited to highlight the anticipated California
grape season. This year’s program promises exceptional flavors and an expanded array of
varieties that will be a favorite among retailers and consumers alike.

Fruit World is delighted to introduce an expansion of its specialty organic grape program with the
introduction of new and unique heritage varieties. Fruit World will kick off the season with
Champagne grapes available in mid-July, followed by their famed Thomcords and new heritage
varietals at the end of July. These high-flavor grapes are perfect for a stunning summer
charcuterie board, picnics, poolside snacks, and more.

“In addition to our organic Thomcords and other beloved varieties, we are excited to introduce an
even more diverse and flavorful range of heritage grape varieties this season,” shared Bianca
Kaprielian, CEO and Founder of Fruit World. “Our commitment to sustaining family farms
continues to inspire our efforts to delight our customers.”

The organic program will also include Natural Flames, available in late July, followed by Natural
Thompsons in early August. Additionally, Ribier, Grenache, and other fun and colorful wine grape
varietals that are well-suited for fresh consumption will be available. They will also continue to
ship conventional Kyoho grapes, particularly popular in Asian markets. As the grape season
progresses, Fruit World will also offer stone fruit and summer citrus, ensuring a continuous supply
of fresh and flavorful produce.

For the sixth year running, Fruit World is enhancing direct communication with consumers
through their “text us” card initiative, Thomcord Tales. Each Thomcord retail unit contains a small
card that shares Fruit World’s story and invites customers to send them a text. The team at Fruit
World personally responds to all messages, fostering a closer connection with consumers and
emphasizing their commitment to exceptional service. In line with its commitment to
environmental responsibility, Fruit World is proud to reintroduce fully compostable and recyclable
packaging options. Moving from plastic poly bags to now paper totes and recyclable clamshells,
they are taking significant steps to minimize environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

Fruit World will showcase the season’s new varieties and their citrus and stone fruit programs at
the Organic Produce Summit in July in Monterey, California. Find the Fruit World team at booth
621 to experience these offerings firsthand.

To place an order or learn more about Fruit World’s 2024 grape program, please visit or contact the sales team at

About Fruit World
Fruit World is a fresh and creative produce company with generations of history. Fruit World
grows and ships the most flavorful fruit in California—including organic and conventional citrus,
organic grapes, organic stone fruit, and more—and works with customers who share a passion for
quality and taste. They’re all about honoring their growers, staying true to their farming heritage,
and keeping family farming thriving for future generations.