Frutura Announces Agreement to Acquire TerraFresh Organics

REEDLEY, CA – TerraFresh Organics (TerraFresh), a Mill Valley, CA based supplier of premium organic fruit, has entered into an agreement that sells majority ownership to Frutura through its Dayka & Hackett subsidiary. Frutura is a sales and marketing network formed earlier this year with the acquisition of Dayka & Hackett and Agrícola Don Ricardo.

TerraFresh sources high quality organic citrus, mangoes and grapes, domestically and internationally, that they sell to top-tier U.S. customers. TerraFresh will continue to be led by founders Greg Holzman and Steve Akagaki, who were early advocates in the nascent organic sector starting in 1987, when they joined forces to convert a traditional apple orchard to an organic farm and formed a new company.

“Adding a solid organic team to our roster of excellent companies was absolutely on my radar,” said David Krause, Frutura’s CEO. “But we weren’t willing to ‘settle.’ We wanted to partner with an organization with an already proven track record of success in organics. What Greg and Steve built at TerraFresh matched our expectations and this is a good day for the Frutura family of companies.”

A hallmark of Frutura’s founding vision that is shared by TerraFresh, is an intent to supply the marketplace with the fruit varieties discerning customers expect, regardless of season. TerraFresh has built relationships with organic growers around the world and expects that network to expand because of Frutura’s significant international footprint.

“When Steve and I met with our team to share this news, the ‘why’ was simple,” said TerraFresh Organics Co-founder and Managing Partner Greg Holzman. “It’s all about accelerating growth. We’re excited to scale up our operation and in particular, work closely with Dayka & Hackett. Steve and I greatly admire what Tim and his team have achieved and we plan to capitalize on the exponential growth of organics in the years ahead.”


Frutura is a sales and marketing network committed to supplying global customers with premium fruit, 365 days a year. The company’s growers and marketers consistently deliver produce of the highest quality, demonstrate operational excellence and share Frutura’s core values around social and environmental performance.

TerraFresh Organics

TerraFresh Organics sources high quality fruit from organic farmers in the U.S., Mexico and Central and South America, that they sell to top tier customers in North America. TerraFresh primarily focuses on citrus, mangoes and grapes.