Fusionware Unveils New, Innovative Supply Chain Management Platform For Produce Industry

PROVO, UTAH – While relatively new to the produce industry, Fusionware is already making waves with the unveiling of a revolutionary supply chain management solution designed to enable producers to optimize operations, improve efficiency, and increase growth and profitability—all from a single platform.

“We are forging new territory with the launch of Fusionware,” commented Reed Beus, CEO. “This product not only facilitates and optimizes the supply chain, but also helps companies get ahead by giving them the ability to track all touchpoints for improvements, enhance and drive operational efficiency, and enjoy an increase in overall opportunity. It’s a very exciting time for our company.”

With a focus on operations, customer engagement, transportation and logistics, and sales and marketing, the new Fusionware platform delivers several beneficial features, including real-time data, simplified logistics, instant traceability and easy accounting, as well as seamless integration with current accounting systems—all in one unified and cost-effective system trusted by produce sales, marketing, shippers, packers and growers across the globe.

“The new generation of grower shippers demand modern, data rich, accessible anywhere technology,” shared Creg Fielding, CTO. “Fusionware will help take the guess work out of operations and logistics and finally help growers and shippers see what’s happening in their business real-time.”

Fusionware is delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS) without any major IT implementations or installations and can be can accessed from anywhere on any connected device. Key features include: 

  •     Operations Optimization
  •     Transportation and Logistics
  •     Customer Engagement
  •     Sales and Marketing

About Fusionware 

Fusionware is based in Provo, Utah. Fusionware is the leading cloud-based produce ERP / supply chain management platform designed to help companies manage, optimize, and grow their business. For more information, visit: http://www.fusionware.com. 800-605-9640.

Source: Fusionware