Genuine Coconut Launches New Items in US Market

New York, NY – Ready-to-eat coconut brand, Genuine Coconut, recently launched three exciting new products in the North American market.  Their new Fresh Organic Coconut Chunks, Fresh Organic Coconut Toppings, and Fresh Organic Grated Coconut are made with just one ingredient – freshly peeled organic mature coconut meat. 

The three items come in a resealable pouch with a transparent window and are certified organic, Kosher, Fair for Life (Fairtrade), verified non-GMO, and contain no preservatives or added sugars.  The three items have a 60-day shelf life, making them a desired new addition on produce shelves.

“After watching the excitement surrounding our coconut water offerings and recognizing there was a clear gap in the coconut meat category for fresh, ready-to-eat options, we knew we wanted to create offerings that would fill that gap and align with our premium brand values of health and convenience,” said founder, Carlos Amoros.

Considered a superfood for years, coconuts align with the increasingly popular Keto diet due to their low carb and high fat makeup. Coconut meat is also rich in several important minerals and high in potassium and fiber, making these new items a refrigerator staple for consumers to easily snack on or add as a healthy ingredient to a variety of eating occasions.

“We have been in partnership with Genuine Coconut the last few years and look forward to continuing to grow this amazing brand in the North American market with these exciting new products,” said George Shropshire, General Manager of Love Beets USA. “The three items not only boast great health attributes, but they also provide great usage versatility for consumers.”

The 4 oz. Organic Coconut Chunks are ideal for on-the-go snacking, blending into smoothies or dips, adding to fruit salads, or even using for homemade vegan ice cream.  The 6 oz. Organic Coconut Toppings are perfect for garnishing or topping yogurt, salads, smoothie bowls, oatmeal, ice cream, and more. The 5 oz. Organic Grated Coconut is an excellent addition in baked goods, homemade energy bars and bites, mixed into nut butters, and is a must-have ingredient for curries and Asian cuisine.

All three new items are also available in 16 oz. formats, providing versatile fresh coconut offerings for food service operations as well.

Genuine Coconut also offers two whole fresh coconut products, “Select” and “Eat & Drink,” both of which allow for the coconut water to be consumed straight from the source.  These offerings skip the bottle, providing a more sustainable option.  The “Drink & Eat” offering is able to be easily cracked open after consuming the water, allowing consumers to also enjoy the fresh coconut meat.  Both products are certified organic and ethically sourced from Thailand.


Launched in 2015, Genuine Coconut specializes in a line of premium and on-the-go convenient coconut water and fresh coconut meat offerings. With a mission to provide ethically and sustainably sourced, quality, fresh organic coconut products to consumers globally. Learn more online at Follow us on social @genuinecoconut. For North American sales inquiries, please contact