Global Fresh Fruit Sourcing Company, Terra Exports, Hires New Chief Financial Officer

LAS VEGAS – Terra Exports, an innovative global fresh fruit sourcing company, has hired Laura Patnernostro as their new Chief Financial Officer. Laura is based in Terra Exports’ headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As CFO at Terra Exports, Laura will be a liaison between leadership and sales on financial strategies, largely focused on maximizing sales growth while limiting risk. Terra Exports has made Inc. 5000’s annual list of Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. twice because of its strong YOY growth. Laura’s role will maintain a pulse over yearly growth, ensure business decisions are grounded in solid financial criteria, and manage risk as the business executes on its strategies and initiatives.

Terra Exports’ CEO, Nils Goldschmidt shared, “Laura brings strong leadership experience in treasury, controller, and financial positions; all with a focus in multi-entity businesses. Her ability to lead and inspire her team, together with her exceptional career in both finance and accounting, made her ideal for this demanding job.”

Prior to joining Terra Exports, Laura spent the last 10 years of her career as Controller and Director of Treasury Operations in New York. Laura holds experience managing several accounting teams in her career spanning retail, wholesale, media sales and non-profit accounting experience.

When asked why she decided to join Terra Exports, Laura shared, “After learning about the position at Terra Exports and meeting Nils and the leadership team, I knew this is where I needed to be. The industry and culture are a perfect fit for where I see myself as I grow in my career.”

Terra Exports sales team shares, “While Terra Exports has been fortunate enough to weather the storm of the current environment, we have an amazing sales team that has found new and innovative ways to not only keep sales up for the short-term, but help us grow in the future. With Laura onboard, we will get through this bigger and better.”

About Terra Exports
Terra Exports is a global fresh fruit trading company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada that sources and ships premium quality, grower direct fruits year-round. Terra Exports has a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, young and innovative company culture that is reinventing international fruit trade. They have 8 divisions worldwide and handle fruits and vegetables across 60+ countries. Terra Exports is a customer-centric company committed to distributing the freshest fruits and vegetables while providing strategic market intelligence to its valuable customers at any time of the day. The company is managed by a team of experts in the fresh fruit trading industry consistently expanding and introducing new items into different markets. Terra Exports has been featured twice in INC 5000’s annual list of Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. For more information on Terra Exports, please email or call +1-702-664-2123.