GrubMarket Further Expands in Eastern United States and Canada through Acquisition of Bartolotta

SAN FRANCISCO — GrubMarket announced it has completed the acquisition of Bartolotta LLC (“Bartolotta”), a full-service provider of fresh fruits and vegetables to customers in New England, the Mid-Atlantic and Eastern Canada. Bartolotta is a highly established and longstanding produce provider to a wide range of business customers including retailers, fresh cut processors and others.

Founded in 2002 by Kevin Bartolotta, Bartolotta provides a variety of high-quality fresh produce to satisfy the growing demand in the New England, Mid-Atlantic and Eastern Canada regions. Kevin grew up in a farming family; his grandfather founded Klein’s Kill Fruit Farms in Upstate New York in 1921. Today, Bartolotta is a provider specializing in Western, Eastern and Southern vegetables and distributing throughout New England down to Philadelphia, in the Midwest, Toronto and Montreal. It focuses on in field-grown produce and melons. After the acquisition, the business will continue to be managed by its current leadership team.

“We are excited to join the GrubMarket team and welcome the opportunities brought forth by GrubMarket’s robust technology platform and network. Our mission is to offer dedicated services and finest-quality produce to our clients. We are thrilled to learn that GrubMarket shares this same mission. We sincerely look forward to joining the GrubMarket team and bringing Bartolotta to the next level of success.” said Kevin Bartolotta, CEO of Bartolotta.

According to Mike Xu, CEO of GrubMarket: “Bartolotta is a reputable provider of fresh produce in New England, the Mid-Atlantic as well as Eastern Canada. The talented team at Bartolotta is a strong partner for their customers and producers in North America. This acquisition enables GrubMarket to further strengthen our customer base in the Eastern United States and grow into Canada. We are excited to welcome the Bartolotta team to the GrubMarket family. Together, we will build a greater customer base and a stronger producer network in the food ecosystem worldwide.”

Lastly, Bartolotta will now be able to utilize GrubMarket’s innovative proprietary WholesaleWare software suite, the company’s Software-as-a-Service platform providing food industry suppliers and vendors with seamless financial management, easy-to-use online ordering and sales, precise inventory management, and engaging CRM tools.

About GrubMarket

Founded in 2014, GrubMarket is a San Francisco-based food technology startup operating in the space of food ecommerce both B2B & B2C as well as providing related software-as-a-service solutions to digitally transform the American food supply chain industry. Currently, GrubMarket operates in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Massachusetts, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington, with plans to expand to other parts of the country.