Heirloom Pears Now Harvesting in California

Sacramento, CA — Summer is quickly coming to an end, but a multitude of pear varieties are still harvesting in the Mountain District areas of California and available for shipment.

“We are just beginning harvest of Comice, French Butter, Forelle, Seckel and Organic Bosc varieties this week,” says Scott Fraser, sales manager at Scully Packing Company in Lake County. “The California Mountain District has experienced perfect growing conditions this season and the quality has been excellent!”

California is the major supplier of freshly harvested, heirloom variety pears at this time.  The River District has wrapped up its pear harvest season, but the Mountain Districts is now in full swing for harvesting a number of specialty heirloom pear varieties. Both shipping areas will continue to have supplies of these heirloom variety pears through mid-October with the mainstream varieties of Bartlett and Bosc available for sale into November.  Organic options are also available for many varieties.

“As fall approaches, consumers will be looking for specialty pear varieties and we want buyers across the U.S. to know that California has fresh-crop pears for sale now,” says Chris Zanobini, Executive Director of the California Pear Advisory Board.

Heirloom pear varieties are versatile for use in many recipes and look wonderful in table decorations or floral arrangements.

California pears are grown by approximately 60 farming families in the state, many of whom are farming the same land tended to by their great grandparents. California heirloom pear varieties are grown using sustainable farming practices on orchards that are up to 100 years old.

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