“How” Matters as Much as “What” in Produce: Findings from the Power of Produce 2019

As plant-based diets become more popular, is it time for grocers to have friendly plant-based “butchers” onsite? Or deploy produce department employees as produce mongers, similar to cheese mongers?

Just as consumers are rethinking fresh produce in their diets as they embrace more plant-based foods, grocers can also take a new look at their merchandising mindset for fresh fruits and vegetables. The opportunity is certainly ripe: the newly-released Power of Produce 2019 report finds that nearly 100 percent of American households buy fresh produce and 97 percent are trying to eat more of it.

Prepared by 210 Analytics LLC for FMI, the Power of Produce 2019 underscores the importance of merchandising in getting consumers to eat fresh produce more frequently, which is the key to lifting sales at grocery. According to the latest findings, 40 percent of product is sold on merchandising. Effective merchandising includes a combination of advertising, price and promotions, including in-store efforts that capture consumers’ attention, provide needed information and ideas and encourage them to return.

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