Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Technology Gains Global Acceptance For Food Preservation

ChillSafe® is a simple to use sachet that produces a low dose hydrogen peroxide vapour to treat spaces where food is packaged, stored or transported for safer, longer lasting produce. Fifteen years of development, university and government research combined with HACCP and Organic certifications, has proven the technology to be effective for protection against microbial contamination, ethylene and odours.

The patented product is currently used throughout South America, Australia, South Africa and is under customer trials in the USA and EU. Major postharvest distribution partners include Decco internationally and E.E. Muir & Sons in Australia, with major food brands such as Vilis Bakery, McDonalds, Costa and Drakes supermarkets using ChillSafe to reduce spoilage and maintain high levels of hygiene where food is stored.

The key to ChillSafe’s effectiveness is constantly treating the air and every surface of any space reaching even the most hard to clean places including ‘small cracks, ceilings and racking’ as well as the produce. This creates an optimal environment to maintain food quality, reduce hygiene risks, improve food safety and shelf life of stored produce.

Customers are delighted with shelf-life extension, enhanced food safety and improvement in food quality, especially with post harvest produce such as berries and citrus. The product is priced to function as a compliment to other technologies and processes for shelf-life, hygiene, cleaning and ethylene control. When used throughout the supply chain ChillSafe can significantly boost the amount of marketable food reaching homes or dining tables.

“My mission with ChillSafe is to deliver more food to more mouths in more places. Despite the billions spent on reducing food waste, we still have an unacceptable situation. There is no magic bullet, but ChillSafe is a simple way to raise quality and has delivered up to 10-times ROI for supermarket customers when used only at the end of the supply chain,” explains Thomas deMasi, Co-Founder/CEO Coolsan®.

The development of ChillSafe began with Dr Gary Erickson, an Australian scientist who worked in the medical device industry developing ultra-high dose hydrogen peroxide decontamination products used in hospitals. He came up with the ChillSafe solution after retiring and moving to the outback in New South Wales, where he purchased a Bed & Breakfast with a restaurant.

His wife found it challenging to keep produce fresh, especially herbs due to the distance from the markets, so she tasked Dr Erikson to come up with a solution. Fifteen years later, a new global product has been established throughout the food industry being used in post-harvest, retail, food service, transit, storage and manufacturing.

We selected hydrogen peroxide due to its proven safety and accepted usage in the food industry for broad spectrum antimicrobial protection against bacteria, mould, yeast and viruses.” said Dr Gary Erikson Chief Chemist and ChillSafe inventor, “When delivered as an ultra-low dose vapour it effectively reduces ethylene and odours and can be used wherever people work”

ChillSafe® sachets are available in two sizes, the C25 which manages 25m3 and the C50 which manages 50m3 – both are active 24/7 for 30 days. Designed to be user friendly for all skill levels, the sachets are easy to install and activate by absorbing water from the air, providing a very cost-effective product to maintain fresh produce quality. For example, 2 x 25m3 sachets are adequate for a 40’ shipping container and cost less than US$100, reducing microbial growth and maintaining the quality of produce  worth US$10,000’s during transit.

Better Hygiene. Less Spoilage.

For more information contact:

Thomas deMasi
Coolsan Australia