IBO’s 2021 State of the Blueberry Industry Report Amplifies Information Access

This year’s International Blueberry Organization (IBO) 2021 State of the Blueberry Industry Report will include over 150 pages of data and is expected to be read and downloaded by more than 2,500 industry members from around the world. The 2021 edition, available at the end of July 2021, is being compiled by the market intelligence company Agronometrics. Based on data analytics and interviews with key players from across the global blueberry supply chain, the renowned IBO State of the Blueberry Industry Report provides invaluable information on trends and new developments taking place in this rapidly evolving industry, helping professionals make more informed business decisions.

“The IBO State of the Blueberry Industry Report is an essential tool that is developed by the IBO in order to make important information available to the entire industry,” said Peter McPherson, Chairman of the IBO. “All blueberry industry members around the world should have the report at their disposable in order to stay on top of the latest trends and new developments.”

The in-print version will be shared for free and for the first time will include publicity from companies who want to reach key members of the blueberry industry around the world. The report will include a range of outreach opportunities in the print edition, allowing companies to speak to a wide audience within the sector.

“This report offers a unique opportunity not only for industry players to keep themselves updated and make the best decisions for their organizations, but also for companies to reach a targeted audience that represents over 90% of the worldwide fresh blueberry production, and increase brand awareness about their products or services,” said McPherson.

For more information, please visit https://www.theibo.org/ 

or email: info@internationalblueberry.org


The IBO is an association that seeks to inform and bring the blueberry industry together around the shared goal of sustainable growth, dissemination of the health message, and increased consumption.