IFG Honors Long-Term Licensee with Second Annual D.W. Cain Award

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – International Fruit Genetics LLC (IFG), the world’s largest table grape breeder, which boasts over 48 patented table grape varieties and ten patented sweet cherry varieties, has announced that Kuara Comercial e Exportadora de Frutas Ltda based in Brazilis the winner of the company’s second annual D.W. Cain Award competition. 

“We are proud to recognize Kuara Comercial e Exportadora de Frutas for their contribution to our ‘flavor revolution.’ While their founders Arnaldo, Daniel and Ilonka Eijsink have been long-time supporters of IFG, Kuara Frutas officially joined the IFG licensee family in 2021. Since then, they have fully committed to utilizing our trademarks and marketing our table grapes in unqiue and highly visible ways. In the short time they’ve been a licensee, they have already been a pioneer in their work with high value segments in the Brazilian market,” said IFG CEO Andy Higgins.

Kuara Comercial e Exportadora de Frutas, whose purpose is to offer consumers the best fruits and vegetables through its commercial partners and producers in the market, grows the following IFG table grape varietals: Cotton Candy™, Candy Snaps™, Candy Dreams™, Sugar Crisp™, Sweet Celebration™, Bebop™, and is currently testing Julep™. The company also operates its own production of varieties of selected grapes at the Nova Neruda farm located in Petrolina.

“Kuara Comercial e Exportadora de Frutas has truly set the bar with their dedication to innovation; ensuring flavor and quality is a cornerstone of their strategy,” Higgins continued.

The D.W. Cain Award was created in honor of IFG founder, Dr. David Cain, whose years of dedication and revolutionary breeding practices transformed the industry. The award pays tributes to licensees who have shown exemplary work in supporting and promoting IFG’s vision in the grape industry through the best adoption and promotion of IFG’s varietal logos and trademarks. The IFG team selected Kuara Comercial e Exportadora de Frutas for its dedication to promoting IFG table grape varieties in both the American and Brazilian Markets through their marketing, events and consumer taste tables.  Their unique programs for the development, appreciation, recognition and promotion of IFG fruit has never been done before by another Brazilian marketer.

“We strongly believe in IFG’s dedication to innovation as well as its excellent work in providing unique and delicious flavors for all of the IFG varieties – which helps us market and sell the grapes to a great number of customers,” said Daniel Eijsink, Managing Director & Partner, Kuara Comercial e Exportadora de Frutas. “IFG consistently deliver varieties that that are wholly unique and delicious – enabling our company to be both productive and successful. “

“It is an honor to be a part of the IFG family as well as to be recognized for this prestigious award. Dr. David Cain was a true pioneer in the global market development of table grapes through natural breeding, bringing varieties that changed the way that we not only consume but how we think of grapes,” said Arnaldo Eijsinnk, Founder, Kuara Comercial e Exportadora de Frutas. “We believe that IFG provides the right balance between productivity and profitability – as well as delivering great flavor.”

Last year, IFG selected Agricola Andrea S.A.C. in Peru as the winner for the inaugural D.W. Cain Award, as well as recognized Exportadora Rio Blanco Spa in Chile as runner-up.


About IFG:

Headquartered in Bakersfield, Calif., IFG is the world’s largest premium fruit-breeding company. Founded in 2001, the company is internationally recognized for its top quality, non-GMO fruit varieties in the table grape, cherry and raisin industries that were pioneered by the company’s co-founder and former Lead Plant Breeder, world-renowned fruit scientist Dr. David Cain. Following Dr. Cain’s retirement, the team is now led by Dr. Chris Owens. IFG patents and licenses its varieties to worldwide marketers and growers, with licensees in 18 countries and its fruit actively marketed in over 30 countries. For more information, visit www.ifg.world.

About Kuara Comercial e Exportadora Ltda

Kuara Comercial e Exportadora Ltda purpose is to offer the best fruits and vegetables to the consumer table, through its commercial partners along with the best producers in the market. The company also operates its own production of varieties of selected grapes at the Nova Neruda farm located in Petrolina – PE, which is a key area for the cultivation of table grapes, thus ensuring the commercialization and export of premium fruits with quality certifications. Kurara Comercial e Exportator operates ethically, with responsibility and transparency.