IMG Citrus Expands Team to Boost Year Round Citrus Strategy

Vero Beach, FL – IMG Citrus announced the addition of Giorgio Peirano to its leadership team. Originally from Chile, Peirano spent much of his career in Europe and South America as an exporter of citrus and other produce including kiwis, onions, and avocados. In addition to his 20 years of experience, he holds a degree in Agronomic Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. Peirano will focus on strategic partnerships and supply chain integration for IMG Citrus from grower relationships to business development.

The leadership team at IMG Citrus includes the heads of Growing, Packing, Sales, Imports and Technology. “All major decisions relating to strategy, investment, and P&L are made collaboratively by the leadership team” explains Melanie Ressler Co-CEO of IMG Enterprises, the parent company of IMG Citrus. “This ensures efficient execution and deeper integration across operations.” At the top IMG Citrus is led by its three Co-CEOs who share authority and responsibility in a similar manner. “Collaborative leadership based on trust and transparency leads to better decision making” explains Ressler. “We see this as a model for how we work both internally and externally.

Indeed, over the past seven year’s IMG Citrus has quietly built an alternative model for citrus imports into the United States based on this approach. “We use our knowledge as a Florida grower to select the most reliable and quality-focused suppliers,” explains Sydney Allison, Director of Sales. “And we use our knowledge as a global marketer to select the most successful retailers. It’s a true 3-way partnership.”

IMG Citrus believes their model can reduce costs and increase quality for the consumer. “In some respects, the traditional import model is more likely to build a wall between producers and retailers than to build a bridge,” says Allison. “Our approach uses transparency to deepen partnerships and surface opportunities for reducing cost and improving logistics in the supply chain.”

Peirano is intimate with the company’s partnership model for imports having worked for Propal, IMG Citrus’ primary partner in Chile. “I have been a part of this strategy for the past seven years working closely with IMG Citrus and Propal to develop the Southeast market for Chilean citrus,” says Peirano. “I am excited to continue this project and to participate in the sales of IMG Citrus Florida crop to retailers in the US and around the world.” 

About IMG Citrus:

IMG Citrus is an integrated fresh citrus company based in Vero Beach, Florida.  The company farms over 11,000 acres of Florida citrus groves and specializes in growing, packing, and shipping fresh Florida citrus to retailers, wholesalers, importers, and exporters worldwide. IMG Citrus also develops and operates citrus import programs with strategic partners in South America to provide year round fresh solutions to Southeast US retailers. The company is committed to sustainable and responsible farming practices, including the adoption of innovative production techniques and the development of new technologies.