Index Fresh Welcomes 2022 California Avocado Season With Focus on Quality and Sustainability

Riverside, C.A. — Skilled farmers and perfect weather have set the table for a large and delicious crop Index Fresh kicks off its California avocado season with a message to consumers: delicious avocados, and lots of them, are coming your way in 2022. Early rains and plenty of sunshine have fed an impressive crop, and 306 million pounds of those California-grown avocados will end up sliced, diced and mashed into some of the tastiest, most nutritious meals in the US this year.

“We are thrilled to launch our season and reconnect the US consumer to the premium avocados grown in the Golden State,” said Keith Blanchard, Index Fresh’s California Field Manager. “As the harvest gains momentum, shoppers will begin seeking out the California avocado, and they will not be disappointed.”

The 2022 crop is expected to be about 50 million pounds heavier than 2021, which means US consumers will have expanded access to homegrown avocados. Fruit quality, taste and environmental leadership all make California avocados the preference for discerning shoppers.

The launch of the California avocado season dovetails with preparations for the NFL Super Bowl, the biggest guacamole- eating day on the calendar. According to Blanchard, California’s avocado availability will increase monthly leading up to peak harvest in April through June.

Index Fresh is particularly excited to expand its supply of organic California avocados and access to the industry’s rising star, the GEM avocado. This variety has it all, large size, buttery taste, peelability and incredible productivity. Customers give it top marks in taste tests, and California farmers love its consistently high-volume production.

“The GEM is our baby,” said Blanchard. “Index Fresh saw the incredible potential of this variety years ago, and we couldn’t be more pleased with its reception. It gives customers a choice at the grocery store, and that choice means California-grown.”

Last year, California produced 2.5 million pounds of GEM, and this year the state is expected to double that volume. The specialty variety is steadily gaining retail

popularity, and Index will be assisting grocers in promoting the GEM and educating shoppers on its stellar qualities.

Index Fresh will also continue to expand its organic supply this year. Demand for organic fruit grows annually, and Index Fresh prides itself on meeting the market’s

growing appetite for locally grown fruit that meets the highest standards of global responsibility. What is good for the planet is good for farmers and ultimately every avocado eater.

Just as Index Fresh values its customers, the company has a long and proud history of supporting its farmers. Growers participate in food safety programs and are provided opportunities to work with Index Fresh’s agronomist to implement cutting edge growing practices. The company’s pre and post harvest procedures ensure that premium fruits meet and exceed consumer expectations.

“Our California avocado growers are some of the best in the state and are putting best practices to work for them in their groves; environmental stewardship, pruning and girdling, pest management and lowering overall water consumption. We are looking forward to an excellent season bringing the highest quality avocados available to consumers all over North America!” said Index Fresh CEO Steve Roodzant.



Index Fresh is a global marketer of avocados, sourcing from all major growing regions around the world, including California, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Colombia. Through its dedication to quality, consistency, and innovation, Index Fresh continues to be a leader in the industry. Over the years the company has earned its reputation for quality and integrity with an unwavering commitment to honesty, hard work, and providing outstanding results to their partners — growers and trade alike. Headquartered in California, the company has facilities spread across Texas, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Colorado, and Illinois. Index Fresh started operations at its packing, bagging, and ripening facility in Pharr, TX, in 2018.