Introducing the Thirty-One Days of Salad from Fresh Express

ORLANDO, Fla. — Fresh Express®, the leader in retail packaged salads, is celebrating the month of May, National Salad Month, by sharing 31 of their most popular salad recipes and challenging salad lovers to try a new salad each day.

A few of the delicious recipes topping the list include Fusilli Chicken Spring Mix, Ginger Salad with Baked Salmon and Greek Salad.

Leafy green enthusiasts can find a fresh, new recipe online each day at Fresh Express on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. The recipes range from a quick easy side dish or lunch to a full meal with suggestions to add proteins or additional vegetables.

“These 31 recipes help busy people take charge of their health and try new recipes they may not have the time or ability to create on their own,” said Dot Vartan, Corporate Chef for Fresh Express. “By posting a new recipe each day, we’re challenging salad lovers across the United States and Fresh Express fans everywhere to eat a flavorful new salad each day for the entire month of May.”

National Salad Month gives consumers a chance to celebrate their favorite dish—salads—while also sharing fan favorites and new unexpected flavor combinations.

“Our customers are busy people who are trying to make healthy meals for their families that are also quick and easy to put together,” said Fabian Pereira, Vice President of Marketing, Innovation and International. “Our goal with 31 salad recipes is to keep things interesting and exciting but still healthy and easy to make.”

The Fresh Express innovation story started in the 1920s and 1930s when the founder and produce farmer, Bruce Church, grew and sold a plot of lettuce. In the late 1980’s, they were the first to create a “bagged salad.” A few years later they introduced salad kits with everything you need to create a fresh, healthy salad including the dressing. Now their sustainable focus and cutting technology bags allow them to serve fresh picked salads without preservatives.

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About Fresh Express®:
Fresh Express® is the brand leader in Value Added Salads and is dedicated to providing consumers with healthy, convenient ready-to-eat salads, leafy greens, vegetables and fruits. With the invention of its special Keep Crisp® bag in the 1980s, Fresh Express pioneered the retail packaged salad category and was the first to make them available to grocery stores nationwide. Today, Fresh Express fresh salads come in more than 150 different varieties offering exciting new flavors and convenient new ways to meet the daily dietary requirements for both conventional and organic fresh produce. More than 20 million consumers each week enjoy healthy, convenient ready-to-eat Fresh Express salads, spinach, vegetables and juicing greens. For more information, visit