Jac. Vandenberg wins at Global Packaging Competition

Tarrytown, NY – Jac. Vandenberg’s SUNRAYS® brand was celebrated for excellence in package innovation and sustainable design at the prestigious PAC Global Awards Wednesday night. The company’s branding and marketing team took home the Award of Distinction for its SUNRAYS home compostable grape bags in what marked a record-breaking year of submissions to the competition. This was the first entry Jac. Vandenberg has made to the PAC Global Awards.

“It’s been a great a honor for our company to be recognized for package innovation and sustainable design,” says John Paap, Brand & Marketing Manager of Jac. Vandenberg, Inc. “With the ever increasing global awareness around sustainability, we understand how important it is to bring innovative packaging solutions to the market that people can feel good about when they pick it up. While the produce industry is not necessarily an industry associated with innovation and cutting-edge packaging and design, we are hoping to change that perception and inspire others within our industry to join us.”

Jac. Vandenberg officially introduced its SUNRAYS home compostable grape bags in retail in 2022, offering retailers and consumers the first home compostable grape pouch bag in the US market. The bag itself made from 20% bio-based polymers, derived from corn starch and sugar cane, and 80% compostable polymers allowing the bag to fully disintegrate in three to six months under appropriate home composting conditions. The design features simple, clear messaging that informs the shopper of its compostable nature: “I’m not a regular plastic bag. I’m fully home compostable”. The package also features a unique QR code per package that when scanned provides the viewer with full transparency of the product contained within the bag and the packaging itself, such as where the product was grown,  how it was grown, pictures from the farm, the materials that make up the package, how to discard the package, carbon footprint of the entire pack, and more.

Well known for its innovative, mission-based branding and marketing, Jac. Vandenberg has been disrupting the fresh produce industry in recent years. The company continues to earn awards for its sustainable brand and design innovations in its pursuit to give people the best tasting, most sustainable, life transforming, zero waste snacking experience the world has to offer: a SNACK WITH IMPACT.

About PAC Global

PAC Global is a not-for-profit association that was formed in 1950 to foster a community where companies from across the packaging value chain could safely come together to collaborate, innovate, and educate. The PAC Global Awards was created for the love of packaging. The awards are meant to celebrate brand package design and innovation from across the globe. The awards prioritize inclusivity, accessibility, sustainability and collaboration. Over 100 packaging design and innovation experts judge the international entries.