Jacobs Farm Del Cabo Introduces New Hot Pepper Pack

Santa Cruz, CA – Jacobs Farm Del Cabo, a leader in organic and sustainable farming of fresh herbs and vegetables out of the Central Coast of California and Mexico, has introduced Cabo Diablo Hot Pepper Medley from its Del Cabo brand.

This organic and Fair Trade certified 8oz pack boasts a mix of both “hot as hell” and palatable pepper varieties such as habaneros, Brazilian starfish, serranos, and others.

“We developed this hot pepper medley to take advantage of the several medium-to-hot pepper varieties we grow, and offer in one package,” said Kyla Oberman, Marketing Manager.

According to a 2017 Kalsec Consumer Trend Survey, 48% of US consumers prepare hot and spicy foods at home and 43% choose the same when dining out. “This new pack provides those home chefs an ideal mix of medium-to-hot peppers to use in their culinary creations,” Oberman commented.

Packed in a twelve count box, these 8oz retail bags are available now. 


About Jacobs Farm Del Cabo

A collection of organic farms dispersed along the western edge of California and Mexico, Jacobs Farm Del Cabo represents over four thousand certified organic field and greenhouse acres of fresh herbs, tomatoes, peppers and a variety of vegetables.

Founded in 1980 by Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin, Jacobs Farm began with the intention to improve organic farming practices through sustainable cultivation of fresh organic produce.

In 1986, the Del Cabo cooperative was created with a unique vision for social change. Through the teachings and support of farming practices as well as access to international markets, generations of small family farmers have risen from poverty and transformed their communities.