JBT Upgrades Pineapple Coating Technology for Improved Export Quality, Product Consistency, Utility with Biodegradable Plant-Based Ingredients

CHICAGO, IL  JBT Corporation, a leading technology solutions provider to the global food and beverage industry, announces upgrades to one of its Sta-Fresh® Pineapple Coating Technology solutions, Sta-Fresh 2952, a high quality, innovative pineapple coating that enhances product consistency and ease of use.

The improved and innovative coating is the result of advanced research and cutting-edge technology, coupled with 92 years of experience developing formulation and blending techniques. Tested by the Laboratorio de Analisis Ambiental in Costa Rica, the concentrated product is certifiably biodegradable, formulated with quality, plant-based ingredients that uniformly coat and adhere to the pineapple shell. Sta-Fresh® 2952 provides the industry’s most advanced protection for pineapples by controlling dehydration and delaying color development, resulting in the end-user’s desired flavor profile and firm texture.

The enhanced Sta-Fresh® technology was developed especially for packers who require attractive fresh fruit arrivals after transporting to distant markets worldwide. The new upgrades improve a variety of product features and benefits such as superb dry spotting control, outstanding shell color retention, quality appearance, superior dehydration control, maximum flavor retention and more. The updated coating formula uses the same high-performance and biodegradable plant-based solution with new improvements stemming from the production process. The refined process improves product consistency, makes the coating easier to mix and apply, while decreasing the possibility of clogging and filling in application systems and in each use, eliminating the need for foam control in the packing house.

“Our primary focus continues to be the creation and innovation of unique solutions that enhance product arrivals and value,” said Ryan Pereira, Division President JBT Corporation. “We are thrilled to bring the new Sta-Fresh® 2952 technology to our customers who can expect the same superior performance they have come to trust from us over time.”

By improving each of its products through their extensive R+D+I program, JBT is meeting its goal for consumers to receive superior products with optimal taste and appearance. With the improvement of the Sta-Fresh® 2952 technology, customers can expect the same superior pineapple arrivals and coating performance characteristics.

To learn more about JBT’s fresh produce technologies, please visit https://www.jbtc.com/foodtech


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