J&C Tropicals Hires Alexina Prather as Lead Sustainability & Compliance Manager

J&C Tropicals understands sustainability and compliance in agriculture not only impacts the environment, but it effects every person and business within the food supply chain.

“Over the last three years we have invested heavily to better understand, prepare, and position ourselves as a leader in sustainability. We owe that to ourselves, partners, suppliers, and farmers. Alexina embodies our unequivocal commitment to vertical tropical excellence. She brings to the table the necessary experience and foresight our senior leadership team believes will catapult J&C Tropicals into the future.”

  • Jessie Capote – CEO

Prather brings over 5 years of sustainability practices and executional experience to the Miami-based and family-owned tropical produce grower & distributor. A graduate of the University of Miami, she has a Masters degree in Sustainable Business and a Bachelors degree in Social Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University. Prather recognizes that European markets are driving the conversation when it comes to regulation, however, younger generations and US-based consumers are demanding ethically grown produce and information on sustainable business practices.

“J&C Tropicals is actively engaging in carbon footprint reduction, increasing transparency across the produce supply chain and fair-trade employment. We’ve been heavily involved with Walmart’s Project Gigaton to reduce waste & plastic footprints while protecting the environment. Hiring Alexina, who has a great pulse on what’s coming, galvanizes our commitment to quality, consistency, and variety.”

  • Adrian Capote, VP of Sales

With regulation on the horizon, Prather’s responsibilities will include elevating the J&C Tropicals food safety program and educating suppliers to be in social compliance while supporting them to attain higher level certifications in organic farming and fair trade practices. Prather will also be focused on implementing programs focused on reducing overall environmental impact, diverting food waste and increasing sustainable packaging.

“J&C Tropicals decision to have a strong relationship between sustainability and food safety is extremely powerful and unique. My goal is to ensure our global supply chain is supported in staying compliant while also uplifting the business”

  • Alexina Prather, Lead Sustainability & Compliance Manager

Prather will report directly to Salvador Fernandez, VP of Operations for J&C Tropicals.

“Investing in sustainability and compliance from farming practices to packaging solutions naturally unlocks value, revenue growth and cost savings along the entire food and agriculture value chain. J&C Tropicals has an intimate relationship with farmers since 1965 and this represents the next great chapter in our company’s commitment to delivering exceptional tropical produce and experiences to the world.”

Salvador Fernandez – VP of Operations

Prior to joining J&C Tropicals, she directed a program that supports minority and women-owned small business owners in Miami-Dade County to apply for federal funding and access additional forms of support. She also worked for One Acre Fund, a non-profit social enterprise based in East Africa focused on helping smallholder farmers get asset-based loans. On the weekends, Prather can be found composting and hosting clothing swaps to help reduce the local carbon footprint.


Founded in 1965, J&C Tropicals is a Family-Owned Produce Company that grows, packs, imports, distributes, and markets exceptional tropical fruits, roots, and vegetables. J&C Tropicals is the #1 grower and distributor of Dragon Fruit in the United States. The company also specializes in Tropical Fruits (Mango, Avocado, Papaya, Mamay, Starfruit, Guava, Passion Fruit, Rambutan), Roots (Yuca, Malanga, Boniato, Ginger, Turmeric), and Vegetables (Chayote, Calabaza, Aloe, Peppers, Culantro, Plantains, and Sugar Cane). J&C Tropicals is headquartered in Doral, FL. The company’s mission is to help the world discover, consume, and experience exceptional tropical produce!