JD Cooling to Install UK’s First Softripe System

JD Cooling Group, the UK’s largest independent supplier of bespoke cooling, power and control systems, has announced the installation of six Softripe® chambers and two new heat recovery chillers. A UK-first, the new system will be used for ripening avocados with the capacity for 132 pallets in total, equivalent to 220 pallets of conventional ripening due to shortened ripening times, at Worldwide Fruit’s Spalding site.

The award-winning Softripe® technology will provide a better quality and tasting fruit, and with a 40% shorter ripening cycle when compared to conventional ripening, energy efficiencies and overall through-put. 

James Tumber, Specialist Services Director, JD Cooling, comments, “The first in our country, this evolutionary new Softripe® system is a leap forward for the UK fruit market. Results and consumer feedback from trials have been outstanding, with Softripe® avocados testing better than conventionally ripened ones across the board from taste, texture, quality consistency and shelf-life.  

“This contract is also a true demonstration of our Group’s ability to provide a full in-house solution as well as 24/7 365 days a year support to make it easier for the customer.”

JD Cooling have been contracted by Worldwide Fruit to provide a full-service solution, with full installation, ongoing maintenance and specialist cleaning services. Work on the new project will commence this year on 11th February with the six Softripe® chambers estimated to be operational by mid-May 2020.  

“We were impressed with the quality of avocados and are excited by the prospect of being the first provider to distribute Softripe® ripened avocados. We’ve worked with JD Cooling for a number of years and really like that they continue to introduce new innovations and work with us in partnership,” said Neal Collishaw, Operations Director, Worldwide Fruit. 

Softripe® technology received Silver for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2019 and is available exclusively in the UK through JD Cooling. Visit www.jdcooling.com or contact us on 01553 767 446 or info@jdcooling.com to find out more.