JGE Innovative Software Introduces CONTINUUM QA For Distributors And Receivers

Nogales – JGE Innovative Software has announced the introduction of their application product line that addresses Quality Assurance named CONTINUUM QA. The unique program allows distributors and receivers to quickly and easily record the condition of incoming loads and create customized trend reports to help build their business.

The new QA application augments CONTINUUM’s expanding line of software for the produce industry. The first application launched addressed Food Safety and was introduced to the market last year. Subsequent apps for Social Responsibility and Crisis Management are in the works now.

“We developed this application based on our distributor clients’ request for something that would help them easily take control of their quality issues, with a tool to communicate conditions and issues to their grower and receivers.” explained JGE’s CEO James Ecker. JGE has been in the IT consulting field for over 17 years, and in 2010 started building customized applications for the produce industry.

Marketed as a business planning tool, CONTINUUM QA stands apart that it uses an easy “one-stop” logging of critical points pertaining to incoming product. The program has a “zero surprise” aspect that allows the distributor, at one glance, to identify recurring issues that need to be addressed with a grower, and allows the distributor to advise the receiver of what to expect. The bi-lingual English/ Spanish app is easy to use on any mobile device or desktop.

“It’s great that you can see how your business is doing on a daily basis.” noted one Nogales distributor who does in-and-outs for other companies and is currently demoing the new app.” Rejected loads or product that don’t meet quality control norms mean high costs and possible legal issues.

The other common issues the application addresses are the need for planning each year’s product line-up and evaluating how growers or other suppliers are performing.

“This way you have a record of each load and can generate a trend report that will help you determine how the number of defects from Grower A compares to the number of defects from Grower B. Possessing this knowledge can save immeasurable time and money during current and future seasons.” Ecker added.

CONTINNUM has a sales support office in Nogales that can be reached at 1-877-281-9305 and a new website: http://continuumproduce.com

Source: JGE Innovative Software