JMB Launches New Website Ahead of Their Summer Asparagus Program

SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA – Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt (JMB) has launched their brand new website to coincide with their upcoming summer asparagus program. The new site is a representation of how the company has continued to grow on and off the fields.

“JMB is looking forward to and preparing for its summer asparagus program from Central Mexico.” Says Dan Miller, Production Manager for JMB. He continues “We anticipate increasing our conventional and our organic supply this summer with new acreage coming on line.” The expansion adds to the over 4,000,000 cases of asparagus that JMB ships every year.

Along with asparagus, JMB’s website displays their line of conventional and organic sweet corn. The website also includes their growing regions and availability. President of JMB, Craig Rolandelli believes the launch of the new website demonstrates their ambitions as a company. “We want to show the industry that we are always looking towards the future.” He states. “Being a company that has been in business for over 130 years is something we are very proud of. We understand that to thrive well into the future means providing consistent, high-quality products as well as investing into technological advancements that show our customers, we are a company that is always looking to progress.”

Visit to view JMB’s brand new website. For further information on JMB’s services, you can reach Dan Miller at (415) 285-0400 ext. 205.


About JMB

JMB is a global marketer, packer, and shipper of premium asparagus and packaged sweet corn. As one of the largest year-round suppliers of asparagus, we take pride in our long-standing relationships with growers, which allow us to provide our customers with quality asparagus. We have also been a long-time marketer and pioneer of fresh packaged sweet corn, specifically in the value-added sector. In 2012, we decided to cease wholesale operations and concentrate on our shipping business. We currently ship over 4,000,000 cases of asparagus and over 100,000 cases of packaged sweet corn every year.