Kapi Kapi Makes Major Headway In U.S. Expansion

COSTA RICA – Kapi Kapi Growers, with a commitment to sustainability through the years, is making its presence known in the U.S. market. As one of the leading producers of premium pineapples and bananas in the world, Kapi Kapi has operations on the east coast of the U.S. and is prepared to expand throughout the country. Its dedicated, passionate business development and logistics team is growing partnerships to efficiently and seamlessly manage new produce programs.

“Despite the supply chain challenges the produce industry is currently facing, we’re proud to be able to reliably deliver high-quality fruit to customers and shoppers’ week in and week out,” said Sofia Acon, director at Kapi Kapi. “It is through our innovative growing practices and experienced team that we have the opportunity to continue supplying premium and sustainable produce for families to enjoy.”

Since 1987, Kapi Kapi’s producing areas have been a key supplier of high-quality pineapples and bananas to some of the world’s iconic retailers and multi-national tropical fruit brands. With diverse and ideal growing regions across Costa Rica, the brand can provide year-round supply of pineapple and bananas to more than 25 countries around the world. In addition, Kapi Kapi’s continued commitment to farming innovation optimizes its yield curve to meet customer demand.

As a dedicated leader in food safety and sustainability, Kapi Kapi’s farms have earned multiple global certifications and national awards, including Best Agricultural Exporter (CADEXCO), Rainforest Alliance, Sustainably Grown Certified, Ethical Trading Initiative, and more. Kapi Kapi has also become one of the few companies worldwide who have achieved carbon neutrality in the totality of its banana production.

“We believe in being better every day, and that starts with our experienced team as well the soil we use to grow our fruit,” noted Acon. “From the very beginning over 30 years ago, we’ve remained committed to our founding principles of transparency and care for people and the planet.”

To learn more about Kapi Kapi and to speak to a sales team member about the current supply of bananas and pineapple, contact sales@kapigrowers.com.

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About Kapi Kapi

Kapi Kapi’s founding company is a family-run operation with over 30 years of experience responsibly growing bananas and pineapple since 1987. As the largest carbon-neutral certified banana grower in Costa Rica and Latin America, looking to the future, Kapi Kapi aims to expand its customer base to support retailers in need of a private label partner as well as those looking to differentiate pineapple and banana offerings with a brand that has a story consumers can relate to. For additional information, visit kapigrowers.com or email a member of the sales team directly at sales@kapigrowers.com.