Kegel’s Produce Announces Achievement of Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification

Lancaster, PA As part of its continued commitment to quality produce and upholding a sound food safety program, Kegel’s Produce, a leading wholesale produce distributor announced today that it was recently awarded with the Safe Quality Food (“SQF”) Certification from SAI Global.

The SQF Certification is the highest level quality and safety program that is recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), a food safety management system which requires manufacturers to meet benchmark quality standards. The SQF Certification is a milestone achievement and qualifies Kegel’s Produce as a leader in the produce industry among customers and food service providers.

To be considered by the GFSI, Kegel’s Produce was required to meet specific competencies such as initially registering, presenting a proposal, conducting a pre-assessment, and receiving an onsite audit from a Certification Body. Following the SQF Certification, Kegel’s Produce will be able to see the reach of impact, starting with the produce growers and suppliers, all the way to the customer. 

“Kegel’s Produce is extremely proud to have achieved the highest level of food safety and quality certification within the food industry,” said Kenneth G. Myers, Chief Operating Officer.

“With the addition of our SQF Certification, we are taking every measurable step to protect our customers from any harmful biological and physical factors.” 

To maintain its ongoing SQF Certification status, Kegel’s Produce will undergo annual audits from SAI Global to ensure consistency and dedication to the SQF Certification standards and requirements as they are outlined.  

About Kegel’s Produce

Since 1948, Kegel’s Produce, a rising fourth generation family owned and operated wholesale produce supplier based in Lancaster, PA, has offered fresh, organic, conventional, and seasonal produce throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Today, as a leading independent distributor, the Company has continued to expand its footprint across the North East while unfailingly adhering to its fundamental core values, including its affirmed commitment to quality, food safety, and responsive availability to thousands of national customers. In recent years, Kegel’s Produce has undertaken numerous proactive steps to embrace and highlight its namesake “Fresh is Best!” mantra and deliver exceptional customer-oriented satisfaction. Recent milestone developments include, but are not limited to, the introduction of an in-house Fresh-Cut program to over 300 fruit and vegetable commodities; the rollout of a local community supported agriculture program (CSA) involving 20 Lancaster County farmers; the expansion of non-produce perishable product lineup; and achieving the internationally acclaimed Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification from SAI Global. 

In addition to its WBENC Certification status, during its 70+ years of operation, Kegel’s

Produce has earned elite industry recognition as a compliant, long-withstanding member of the Produce Alliance and the American Institute of Sanitation. Proud to hail from Lancaster County, a landscape rich in flourishing soil and history, the Company has also continuously invested back into its roots through its Lancaster Chamber of Commerce membership in support of small business development and growth, much like its early humble beginnings. 

While the produce industry continues to evolve at an accelerated rate, from order selecting to shipping, you can always count on “Fresh is Best!”. 

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