Labor Of Love And Church Brothers Celebrate The Season With A Romaine Harvesting Crew

SALINAS VALLEY, CA- It was all treats and no tricks when the Labor of Love Program, along with Church Brothers, surprised a harvesting crew of over 40 men and women in Soledad, Ca.  

In 2015, the Yuma community started a unique program, Labor of Love, for the opportunity to thank those for their hard work and service in agriculture on behalf of the industry as well as the community. It started as a grassroots effort by the Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association (YFVA) and has been in the Salinas Valley for two seasons now. This coming winter will be the third year the program is active in Yuma.

“Being able to surprise harvesting crews with random acts of kindness is a fun way of showing how much we, as a community, appreciate the long hours and hard work they do for the agriculture industry.” Said Jenna Hanson Abramson of Labor of Love.

This most recent in-field event, planned by the Labor of Love Program and sponsored by Church Brothers, included lunch and trick-or-treat goodie bags filled with candy and gift cards for everyone. In addition there were fun sweepstake items including pumpkins for Halloween carving and a $100 Gift Card.

This recent harvesting crew, who usually starts their day around 4am, was harvesting topped and tailed romaine for the True Leaf Farms processing plant in San Juan Batista. On this day alone they harvested 300 bins worth.

"The quality and workmanship of product produced by this crew is top notch." Said Pat Stafford, Harvest Manager at Church Brothers.

Stay tuned to the Labor of Love Facebook page and the to see where the Labor of Love team will share their gratitude next. For more information on the Labor of Love program, contact Jenna Hanson with Mavelle Media.

Source: Labor of Love