Labor Of Love Program Launching New Campaign

YUMA, ARIZONA – Labor of Love continues to reach farmworkers in unique ways.  The program has now launched a new campaign,, to incorporate the thousands of people in the general public that have reached out to the program looking for ways to get involved and share their gratitude with farm workers.  

 The first step of this campaign are bus wraps that encourage travelers to wave at the farm workers riding in the buses as a sign of their thanks.  The first wraps were installed in Yuma this Spring and are now being installed in Salinas, CA throughout the summer.   

 The wraps are being sponsored by Yuma-based Bill Alexander Ford. Owner Ryan Hancock has supported the Labor of Love program since its inception and has provided many noteworthy gifts to the program including a car (won by a long-time Dole employee), hundreds of farm boots to laborers and now these upbeat messages on buses. "We feel that these signs enhance the program's objectives to offer thanks to farm workers. We love the idea that the entire community can be a part of thanking them for their efforts with a simple wave. We hope it will mean a lot to those on the buses and for them to realize there is a deep appreciation of their hard work and contribution to the agriculture industry. The industry sustains this community and helps sustain our business. It's our way of giving back."

 The Labor of Love program started in November of 2015 in Yuma, AZ. It moves to the Salinas, CA region during the summer months and to date has reached thousands of farm workers in Yuma, Salinas, Coachella and the Imperial Valley.

 The program was created by the Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association (YFVA) as an opportunity to thank farm workers for their service to the agriculture industry and share their talents, loyalty and incredible work ethic through social media and their website The program has always included surprise "random acts of kindness", meals and gifts. 

For more information on the Labor of Love program, contact Limelight Creative Group at 928-246-9108.

Source: Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association (YFVA)