Labor Of Love Program Reaches Out To Farm Workers In Salinas Valley As Season Comes To An End

SALINAS VALLEY, CA- The Salinas Valley agriculture industry is nearing the end of the fresh produce harvesting season and the Labor of Love program is heading to the fields to thank crews for their hard work and service to the industry before heading back down to Yuma, Az.

In 2015, the Yuma community started a unique program that has also been a part of the Salinas/Monterey agriculture industry landscape for two years now. The Labor of Love program is an opportunity to thank those for their service to the agriculture industry. It started as a grassroots effort by the Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association (YFVA).

The Labor of Love program includes surprise meals delivered to various farms, random acts of kindness to workers, a Facebook page with posts devoted to sharing stories of various workers, a website that shares their stories, and an opportunity for the community to become involved.

The Labor of Love program stopped at a Dole Fresh Vegetable field this morning to provide kindness in the shape of breakfast burritos; Salinas International Airshow tickets were given to all as well as gift bags raffled off.

In addition, a special prize was given to one particular team member- Mr. Guadalupe Zaragoza, a box closer on the celery harvest team. Mr. Zaragoza has been employed with Dole since November of 1985. He has since moved to San Juan, Texas with his family but still returns every Salinas season, in June, to work with his co-workers, most of which have been working together for 20+ years. Mr. Zaragoza is a dedicated employee and has worked three straight years without missing a day’s work.

Stay tuned to the Labor of Love Facebook page and the website to see where the Labor of Love team will share their gratitude next. For more information on the Labor of Love program, contact Jenna Hanson with Mavelle Media.

Source: Labor of Love