Laws Logistics Offers Much-Needed Supply Chain Solutions

“Supply chain challenges are ongoing in the produce and perishables industry and they’re not going away anytime soon,” says Mike Laws.  “As a result, people are taking a strong, hard look at their supply chain needs. That’s where we can help.”

Laws, who has spent the past 40 years working extensively with both domestic and international transportation businesses, is the founder and owner of Laws Logistics. 

The firm exists to provide produce and perishable companies with expertise on supply chain solutions. They have a proven track record of consulting on large and small projects for numerous perishables businesses include produce, seafood, floral and more. 

Laws Logistics, formerly known as Lawgistics, has recently completed a company rebranding and launched a new website.  The website includes an overview of the company’s approach, case studies of past projects and answers to some of the industry’s most pressing supply chain questions. 

“What we offer our clients are practical strategies to make operations run more efficiently and save both time and money,” says Laws. “This is what businesses are looking for today.”

Mike Laws is an industry veteran and a charter member of the Supply Chain Logistics Council which plans to meet next week as part of the United Fresh Public Policy Conference in Washington D.C.

“People in our industry are struggling with so many issues that have escalated as a result of the pandemic,” says Laws. “United’s Supply Chain Council meeting agenda includes topics ranging from the impact of pallet shortages and labor shortages to the new Congressional Act on infrastructure. And this doesn’t even begin to address transportation issues and costs both in terms of trucks and shipping.

“I’m really looking forward to attending United’s Public Policy meeting in person this year,” he says. “Working together to solve these massive supply chain issues is the only way we are going to get past them.”

Laws Logistics is headquartered in Napes, FL, but serves businesses throughout the U.S. and internationally. Mike Laws and his team have previously helped companies fix specific logistical issues, redesign their product flow systems and implement major expansions of existing operations.  They are also experts in helping to prevent and manage freight claims.

“As consultants, we can take a fresh look at your operations to help you move beyond tactical issues and toward strategies that will drive real improvement,” says Laws. “We’ve helped many of our clients solve problems and become more cost efficient. This is something more important today than ever before.”

Laws Logistics’ new website can be found at