Leading Organic Produce Grower Partners With Tastemade

Bakersfield, CA — Cal-Organic Farms, a division of Grimmway Farms and one of the largest organic vegetables producers in the United States, is excited to announce the debut of a three-part original mini-series titled ‘Handled with Care.’ The mini-series focuses on the passionate people behind organic farming. On May 17 the series debuted on Tastemade, an award-winning food, home and travel media company that reaches more than 250 million active viewers per month.

Directed by James Beard Award Winning director James Mann, the three-part series documents multiple aspects of organic farming—including soil management, planting techniques, pest control and harvesting. ‘Handled with Care’ is told firsthand through the words of actual Cal-Organic farmers who work throughout the product lifespan.

“So much work goes into growing our Cal-Organic vegetables,” said Jeff Huckaby, President of Grimmway Farms. “We take great care to make sure everything we put in front of consumers is healthy, safe and grown according to the standards they believe in. That’s where the inspiration for ‘Handled with Care’ came from.”  

“Previously we hadn’t taken an active role in telling our story directly to consumers,” added Kellen Stailey, Vice President of Marketing at Grimmway Farms. “And our research confirmed that now more than ever organic shoppers are looking for more from the brands they trust. We wanted to connect the dots for consumers between the product they love and the farm and farmers behind their produce.”    

The mini-series was shot on location at Cal-Organic farmland throughout California, and underscores the additional challenges organic farming entails. 

“What excited me the most about this project was the opportunity to meet so many passionate and knowledgeable people and get a first-hand look at the process of organic farming—which is usually so invisible to us as consumers,” added James Beard Award Winning Director James Mann.  “Organic farming really does matter. It’s an issue of health and wellness, of course. But it’s also about land stewardship, sustainability and social responsibility.”

"We're honored Cal-Organic chose Tastemade to tell their story to consumers for the very first time," added Andrew Saunders, Tastemade's Head of Global Brand Strategy. “Farming is an important part of our country's heritage and future, and we're thrilled to leverage our award-winning team and platform to showcase innovators leading the organic movement.”

The mini-series is now available on the Tastemade website. Each 5-6 minute episode is loosely based on the different phases of organic farming: Soil PreparationPlanting & Growing and Harvesting. Ultimately, ‘Handled with Care’ showcases the farmers behind Cal-Organic produce and the passion that drives the company’s unique operation. 

About Grimmway Farms

Family-owned and headquartered in Bakersfield, California, Grimmway Farms traces its roots to a produce stand opened by the Grimm brothers in the early 1960s. Grimmway is a global produce leader and the world’s largest producer of carrots. Grimmway supplies more than 65 organic, USA-grown crops year-round. Brands include Cal-Organic Farms and Bunny-Luv. Grimmway is committed to caring for customers and employees, honoring sustainable practices, and preserving natural resources for future generations. For more information, visit www.grimmway.com.

About Tastemade

Tastemade is a modern media brand inspiring the taste of a generation through entertainment, commerce and experiences. Based in Santa Monica, CA, the company creates award-winning video programming in Food, Home and Travel, which appears on all major digital, mobile, streaming OTT and linear TV platforms. The company reaches an audience of over 250 million active monthly viewers, streaming 2.5 billion views, and has built an engaged, passionate, global community. Tastemade has won a host of awards for its innovative video programming, including two James Beard Awards. For more information, visit Tastemade at www.tastemade.com.

Source: Grimmway Farms